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You are preparing scenarios in Market Risk Analyzer for testing purposes. Which market data can you use tocreate scenarios? 2 Default rates Exchange rates Credit spreads Correlations.
Which data element do you require to add a bank account to a bank account hierarchy? Business partner SWIFT code House bank ID Account ID.
Which of the value always relates to a basis spread ID, a quotationtype, and a rate date ? Basis spread value General data Accounting data Purchasing data.
For which money market trade types are fast entry tiles available? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question. Commercial Paper Facility Cash Flow Instrument Fixed Term Deposit Deposit at Notice.
Which of the values are derived from the exposure position data in Exposure Management 2.0 ? PO & Non PO Invoices Active Compliance ManuaI order Characteristic values.
Which of the items are necessary for the Hedge Accounting process. During the automated designation process the hedged exposure item is identified automatically and thecorresponding exposure subitems are created and assigned to the hedged items ? Operational Data Store SAP Ariba Sourcing SAP Ariba Contracts Exposure items.
What customizing settings do you apply to automatically create hedge accounting data? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question. Create hedgeitem Automatic designation Exposure rollover Create hedge data Exposure premature settlement.
Which money market activity categories can you configure to generate correspondence? 3 Contract Rollover Offer Rate fixing Premature settlement.
Which of the areas is the basic master data in the hedge management cockpit ? XXL InfoObjects Business document Shelf panel Hedging Area.
During which of the phase of the initial load it is sometimes necessary to reset the data transferred by the initial load? Controlling Phase Functional Phase Operating Phase Test Phase.
Which pricing types are supported when you create a new bank fee condition? 3 Tier pricing Permanent pricing Discount pricing Unitpricing Flat pricing.
You have enabled twobusiness transaction events (BTE) in configuration to enable signatory control. What impact does this have on the payment approval process? Users defined in SAP Bank Communication Management can approve payments. Users defined in SAP Bank Account Management can approve payments. Users defined in SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity can approve payments. Users defined in SAP Payment Engine can approve payments.
You create a money market cieaLWhen do you specify the currency on the entry screen? When the currency is identical to the company code currency When the currency is a NON-deliverable currency When the currency is different than the company code currency When the currency of the counterparty is different than the company code currency.
Which activities can you configure to initiate the deal release workflow for a money market transaction? Change Premature settlement Reversal Add or create Delete.
You create a securities account with aliability security accounts category. Which securities does it hold? Own issued bonds Purchased bonds Loans Repurchase agreements.
What must you do before you can use the Reconcile Cash Flows - Intraday Memo Record process? Set the monitoring rules for the Intraday Bank Statements app. Set the Create Planning Types per Bank Account node. Configure tolerance groups. Configure the Define Transaction node.
Which analytical tool do you use to display and develop liquidity plans? SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office Design Studio SAP Lumira Tableau.
Which type of pools are entered in themaster data ? Participants and Investment pools Process Compliance Pricing & Terms Repository Modern computer systems.
When entering raw exposures ? Historical snapshots and archiving Application authentication Operational Contract When you first enter the header data of the raw exposure and then the line items.
What are the available account revision options when youconfigure the bank account revision process? 3 Formal activation Indirect activation Activate directly Activate via workflow Activate via dual control.
Which function is performed in Credit Risk Analyzer? Evaluation procedure Value at risk calculation Portfolio analysis Online limit check.
What is used only for selected monetary assets and liabilities since the changes in value of the hedging instrument and the underlying transaction have usually already been recognized in profit and loss ? Hedge Accounting Article master New Leads Contract & Supplier.
Which of the date is determined according to the settings that you have made in the Balance Sheet Recognition field on the Hedge Accounting I tab of the hedging area ? SAP HANA Platform Non-catalog items Existing kits Reclassification date.
Which of the code column appears in the payment details for a transaction and in the standing instructions? Recurring and fixed costs Need for more detailed analysis ofresource utilization Complexity Repetitive Code column.
You need to approve the standard workflow templateWS78500050. Which SAP Fiori app do you use? Manage Workflow Templates Manage Workflows For Bank Accounts Manage Workflow Scenarios Workflow Administration.
Which item is maintained in the standing instructions of a business partners counterparty role? 1 Credit standing Derived flows Bank details Trading partner.
What must you define before you can create a liquidity item hierarchy? General liquidity itemderivations Company code-specific liquidity item derivations Liquidity items Liquidity plan.
Which of the positions are integrated in market risk analyzer of treasury and risk management ? Exposure positions Sourcing Contracts Reporting.
In which activity, you can compare the actual postings to management accounting (CO) with the expected postings.? The totals reportfor cost centers Compare Actual and Expected CO Postings in Central Finance The compact document journal The compact document journals.
Which of the directory must contain master data on all the banks that you require for payment transactions with your business partners ? Supplier Invoice Hierarchy Node Bank Directory.
Whichof the program first checks whether the flows and sub raw exposures can be archived ? Customer projects Statistical authorities Direct cost projects Preprocessing program.
Which of the following contract types is used as a hedging instrument? Current account style instrument Fixed-term deposit Current account style instrument Loan FX-Forward.
Which of the following accrual and deferral methods are supported? Différence Reversed Partial Reset.
Which of the manager is based on the business partner concept ? SAP BW application Required tasks Worktemplates Transaction Manager.
Which logic is not active in the productive source system, the raw posting information does not get captured and is also not included in a copy of the system? Central Finance Central Projects (WBS) -Reporting Scenario Partial Payments integration Activate central payment by company code.
What is created with the hedging relationship on the end date of the exposure subitem ? SAP BW administrator Internal Target groups Update Type Open.
Your current payment outflows meet all netting requirements. Which Transaction Manager flows can you link through netting? 3 Two or more money market transaction flows Two money market flows and a foreign exchange flow One money market flow and a freeform payment request Bank-to-bank repetitive payment and a money market flow Five derivative flows and one security flow.
From which sources can you copy reference data during the planning process? Actual data Treasury cash flow data Cash position data Forecast data Previous plans.
Which of the classification is relevant for the Hedge Management and Accounting for Net Open Exposures (FX Risk) process ? ONE ANSWER Capital Expenditure System attempts Hedging classification latest price components.
When the asset information is deleted from asset-related fields of the Fl documents, for example from the fields ANLN1 and ALN2? Before this type of document is posted in the Central Finance system Add-In (BAdl) to transfer the asset information to customer defined fields All asset accounts for APC and cumulated depreciation The G/L accounts to whichacquisition.
Which of the apps referencelibrary has details about the content necessary for giving users access to an app on the SAP Fiori launchpad ? SAP Fiori apps Commodity Project amount Contract length.
You are testing a cash flowtransaction. How do you capture the flows? They are inherent to a cash flow transaction. They are automatically generated by condition types. They are derived from the transaction type. They are entered manually.
Which of the types are derived from the exposure types, and the respective business activity types are determined from the exposure activity types ? Indicate you are not interested in a supp|ier's response Respond to a supp|ier's question A simple request for a needed Contract creation. Corresponding business types.
Which of the level is used to determine whether the hedging instruments are designated to the net exposure item or to the gross exposure item with larger absolute value of the relevant analysis item ? Target CompositeProvider (HCPR) Scheduling Agreement Setting up internal support teams Designation level.
please explain the roles of typical questions arising from the TRM job roles ? multiple answers for this question. Cash Manager: How do i improve cash and liquidity forecasting and gain more accurate and timely insight into global cash balances ? Treasury operations manager: How do i ensure highly secure and quickly payments and minimize external fees ? Financial Risk manager" How do i pinpoint my financial risks and take more effective steps to mitigate them" ? Treasury Finance Manager "How do i improve company strategy" ? Sales Manager" what is sales area wise" .
Which of the following details must you enter when you define Cash Management account names? The G/L account corresponding to the bank account The planning typefor the bank account The bank account number The currency of the bank account.
Where the Transaction Manager supports you by complying with the legal requirements according tothe German Fiscal Code and the publication Principles of Data Access and Verifiability of Digital Documentation from the German Federal Ministry of Finance ? SAP applications ASN and Quality In the area of Treasury and Risk Management Inventory Collaboration.
You implement Hedge Management and Hedge Accounting. How do you explain the hypothetical derivative? It is the representation of the hedged item. It is the representation of the hedging instrument. It is the link between the hedged item and hedging instrument. It is the representation of the hedging relationship in Market Risk Analyzer.
Which of the requests are now relevant for the trader, who searches for the released FX hedge requests in the Process Hedge Request fuction and creates hedging instruments, according to the information given in the hedge request ? Requestfor quotation Payment method Platform support Released FX hedge requests.
Which of the following are dual controlworkflows in treasury payment processes? Free form payment approval Bank-to-bank transfer payment approval Repetitive code template creation approval Repetitive code payment approval.
Which of the date is derived from the designation splitting settings made on the Hedge Accounting I tab in the hedging area ? Payment method Platform support Price components Deviant date.
Why must you assign special accounts (clearing and substitution accounts) for the initial load during customizing? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question. There must be a substitution account for every reconciliation account. Loading balances need an offsetting account. After initial load, an offsetting accountwill be posted automatically to achieve a balanced balance sheet. Substitution accounts must be used for sensitive data of the source system.
Which of the model is largely an optimization in which the system finds values for the Hull-White volatility parameters sigma and reversion rate a, in which the option prices, calculated using the Hull-White model or BlackScholes model, match as far as possible ? Calibration of the Hull-White interest rate model Purchase order Delivery note number Form-based document.
Which of the class is needed so that the position management procedure can be determined for exposure subitems ? General valuation class Open ODS View Public Edition Private Edition.
What are entered on a higher level than the analysis items ? Target quotas CompositeProvider Business configuration Sales & Marketing.
Which ofthe components are calculated based on the forward (NPV_FWD) and the CCBS (NPV_CCBS) components ? SAP BW Workspace modeling and enrichment SAP Ariba Cloud Integration 1322 Effective/Cost of Hedging Reserve 1333 Ineffective/Cost of Hedging Reserve TPL.
Which type of user; who is responsible for analyzing errors in AIF a user based on the role template SAP_AIF_USER.? End user Business user Client The replication of asset.
Which of the following payments can be executed by the treasury payment program? Payments to customers and vendors Mobile payments Loans Management payments Payroll payments Payment requests.
Which fields are required to enter a money market contract? 3 Portfolio Product type Company code Business partner Security ID number.
Which object do you use to create a portfolio hierarchy? Evaluation type Analysis structure Portfolio Financial object.
What must you specify when you configure payment methods? 2 Direction of the payment method Distribution amount Minimum amount limit Document type for payment and clearing.
Which of the item represents the operational exposure that results from designation splitting ? Hedged item Approval tasks Request for Proposals SAP HANA.
You configure a new money market product and need to ensure the product follows the Order — Contract — Settlement process steps. How do you achieve this requirement? With the processing category which is assigned at the product typelevel With the processing category which is assigned at the transaction type level With the product category which is assigned at the product type level With the product category which is assigned at the transaction type level.
Which of the following scenarios trigger a Bank Account Management work-flow? 2 Reviewing bank accounts Closing a bank account Adding attachments to a bank account Downloadinig bank accounts.
Which of the following One Exposure fields should you populate as part of the initialization? 3 Account type Flow types Liquidity items House bank accounts Value date .
Which type of transactions are mapped for most of the product categories before the key date ? Typed in manually Copied from the sourcing library Imported from a spreadsheet Business transactions.
What can be based on both real and simulated market prices ? Article master New Leads Contract & Supplier Management Valuations .
Which of the management enables you to gain an overview of the foreign exchange risk that your company is exposed to, as well as the hedging instruments which you used tomitigate that risk ? Intrastat Declaration Runs Minimum hardware Software requirements Hedge Management.
You work on a business blueprintfor the correspondence business partner group. Which configuration settings can you select? 2 Counter confirmation required Contract settlement required Automatic correspondence Correspondence object creatio.
Which of the following file types are supported by default when you use SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity? 3 Bank statement files SWIFT correspondence acknowledgement files SWIFT correspondence files SWIFT payment files SWIFT payment statusfiles.
You experience a low automatic reconciliation for incoming payments. What must you create? A new reprocessing code A new posting rule A new bank clearing account A new search string rule.
Which of the following comparisons are available for liquidity analysis? 2 Actual to actual Plan to forecast Liquidity hierarchy to liquidity hierarchy Plan to actualPlan to actual.
What can either be on providing an internal service for the affiliated group companies ? Request for Proposals SAP HANA Approval tasks Emphasis.
Which of the data is stored in business partner maintenance under Company Code on a number of tabs ? Configure transactions documents SAP Ariba Cloud Integration SAP Ariba solutions Company-code-dependent data.
You configure Credit Risk Analyzer. What must you do to activate the Single Transaction Check. Define at least one single-transaction-check product. Schedule the Utilization report. Enable the end-of-day processing of the Credit Risk Analyzer. Activate the integrated default risk limit check.
Which of the partner is used for asset positions, and the company code is used for liabilities positions ? Business partner Compagny Code currency Object currency.
Which steps must you configure to activate SAP SAHANA Cash Management? 2 Specify the cash scope as full scope Activate the business function FIN_FSCM_CLM. Specify the cash scope as basic scope. Activate the business function FIN_FSCIM_CLIV1.
What are premiums and discounts on one side of a basis swap that make the swap into a fairtransaction ? Basis spreads SAP BW Transformation CompositeProvider SAP HANA Decision Table.
What is used to transfer postings from a period, for example the current fiscal year, from your source systems to your Central Finance system? Use periodic re-posting Use settlement The initial load Use overhead surcharging.
Which rolesare associated with the Bank Account Review process? 2 Final reviewer Review initiator Legal reviewer Authorized reviewer.
Which of the pool participants are represented in the system by a fund or a combination of a fund and grant ? ONE ANSWER Investment pool participants A bill of materials (BOM) Forecast Commit PO / Schedule Agreement Collab.
What can be used to split the valuation results determined into effective and ineffective portions ? Classification ASN and Quality Inventory Collaboration Consignment.
Which of the following describes the customization of thepayment approval pattern? 1 is the highest priority when multiple payment approval patterns are assigned. The company code and account type must be used when the payment approval patterns are assigned. The payment approval patterns are assigned with the maximum amount limit. A sequential and a non-sequential payment approval pattern can be assigned to a bank account.
What cannot be linked to the corresponding CO line items.For example, when document summarization is turned on, new postings cannot be created because no CO object can be found to which expenses or revenues are posted? The costs are determined by the cost estimate of a reference order Optimal support for operations Differences occur when Fl document line items The actual quantities are valuated with plan values.
You implement Credit Risk Analyzer. What do you use to configure the determination of the attributable amount? 2 Default risk rule Determination procedure Limit product group Limit type.
what are the benefits of Treasury and risk management belongs to S/4 HANA? multiple answers for this question. The data model has been simplified Flexibility-SAP S4 Hana can be deployed on premise or in the cloud A brand new user experience is possiable the cost of the implementation can be saved SAP S4 Hana is built on SAP HANA and so inherits all the capabilities of this powerful in-memory data management and application platform.
Where you can also configure for which master data (business partner, customer, vendor) the company code is created ? In the detail view Software Update Manager (SUM) Desktop File Sync (DFS) is NOT activated. It must be a PDF document.
What is a position that is needed when you use the automated designation process for hedge accounting? Exposure subitem Cash flow management Certificate logged local computer.
Why do you set sensitive fields when youcustomize bank account master data? To store sensitive information of the bank account To derive a special field status To protect fields against changes To trigger workflows using SAP Business Workflow.
You need to run three accounting principles (GAAPs) in parallel for one accounting code. How must you specify the accounting settings? Note: There are 3 correct answers to thisquestion. Three valuation areas Three general valuation classes One general valuation class Three portfolios Three valuation classes.
Which of the component is a subarea of the Treasury Management solution area ? Treasury and Risk Management component In SAP HANA Online Sourcing Functionality CompetitiveBidding.
Which of the data transfer program uses an import (receiver) structure called a transfer category to map external datato risk objects ? External data Board and Track Broadcast it with catalogs Article master.
Which of the option allows you to write-up or write-down a position to a fixed book value ? Manual valuation Historic Value Reserve Value New Composite Provider.
Where you determine how the systemfills the financial object properties from the data fields of the exposure positions ? In the derivation strategy SAP S/4HANA On-Premises Edition Project cost and revenue by project Forecasted utilization.
Which of the values are required for the valuation that takes place during the release of hedging business transactions ? SAP ERP systems SAP ERP users Open ODS View Component values.
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