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Which pricing types are supported when you create a new bank fee condition (3 CA) Flat pricing Discount pricing Unit pricing Permanent pricing Tier pricing.
You configure a new money market product and need to ensure that product follows the process steps: Order – Contract – Settlement. How do you achieve? Product category assigned at transaction type level Processing category assigned at transaction type level Product category assigned at product type level Processing category assigned at the product type level.
Which of the following data does the Hedge Management Cockpit incorporate into one view? (3 CA) Volatilities Yield curves Hedges Hedging relationship Exposures.
You are implementing Memo Record function. Which memo record characteristics are controlled by planning type? (3 CA) GL account Archiving Category Number Range House bank account Field status definition.
You are implementing Market Risk Analyzer and need to enable specific evaluation type settings by product types. What must you use? Valuation areas General Valuation Classes Valuation procedures Valuation rules.
Which of the following configurations are shared between Accounts payable and Treasury payment programs? (2 CA) Origin indicators Payment request clearing account Paying company codes Payment methods.
Which of the following enhancements are available with the extended DME engine (DMEEX)? (2 CA) Option to upload & download formats between systems using XML files. Execution of mass synchronization Ability to test the format using a payment document Creation of a pdf file to document the format structure.
8. Which micro services are included in the SAP Cash Application? (3 CA) Line item clearing Receivables line item matching Payables line item matching Payment advice extraction Invoice extraction.
Which type of connection is used when data is uploaded to the SAP Analytics Cloud in memory HANA database? Embedded Data Source Unified modelling Live connection Data Acquisition.
Why do you set sensitive fields when you customize bank account master data? Trigger workflows using SAP Business Workflow Derive special field status To protect fields against changes To store sensitive information about bank account.
Intelligence to make smart decision using SAP Analytics Cloud. Sequence? Information - Data - Insight - Value - Action Insight - Information - Data - Action - Value Information - Data - Insight - Action - Value Data - Information - Insight - Action - Value.
You implement Credit Risk Analyzer for derivative trades. What configuration activity to assign to default risk rule? Define default risk rule Define determination procedures Define derivation strategy for Integrated financial object processing Derive default risk control parameters for derivates .
Which type of payments can be processed with the Treasury payment program (F111)? (3 CA) Payments based on open items Bank to bank transfers Payments to employees (HCM) Free form payments SAP In House Cash (IHC) payments.
You are integrating Cash management data from remote system. Query sequence origin for liquidity item derivation? Origine X Origin D Origin M Origin C.
Which of the following are source applications for snapshots in Cash Management? (2 CA) HCM Consumer & Mortgage Loans Contract Accounts receivables & payables Project systems.
What are the sources for exposure to be displayed in the hedge management cockpit (2 CA)? Commodities exposure One exposure from operations hub Exposure management 2.0 Balance sheet exposures .
Which of the following are components of a DMEE format tree? (3 CA) Header Item Elément Atom Segment .
Which financial account type requires rate type ‘Average’ when using currency conversion in planning model? (2 CA) Expenses Liabilities Income Assets.
You want to use SAP S/4HANA Basic Cash Management. Which functional features are provided with this setup? (3 CA) Monitor Cash positions Display bank accounts Manage liquidity items Manage memo records Manage workflows .
You need to analyze the impact of an estimated change of interest rates on the Net Present Value (NPV) of portfolio? Run key date valuation twice Use market data shifts Execute monte-carlo value at risk valuation Change the contracts interest conditions.
You work with pre converted currency data for liquidity planning in SAP Analytics Cloud. To which category can this data be applied? Planning Forecast c Actuals Budget.
When you execute the treasury payment program (F111), what is the order of steps? Enter payment parameters, Run payment proposal, Payment run- accounting entries, Payment run – create payment medium Run payment proposal, Enter payment parameters, Payment run- accounting entries, Payment run – create payment medium Run payment proposal, Enter payment parameters, Payment run – create payment medium, Payment run- accounting entries, Enter payment parameters, Run payment proposal, Payment run – create payment medium, Payment run- accounting entries.
Preparing a handbook for testers on new Foreign exchange (FX) Hedge management solution. When must you take a snapshot? After you capture raw exposure data; Before you create hedging area After you determine hedging requirements;Before the decision on a hedging instrument is final After you capture raw exposure data;Before you conclude the hedging contract After the decision on a hedging instrument is final; Before you process the hedging instrument.
You need to separate security positions by valuation area, special valuation class & securities account. Customizing activity Define security account groups Define position attributes Define & assign differentiations Define valuation areas.
When a BP is linked to a bank in Manage Banks app, which pre-requisites are required? (2 CA) BP category is an organization “Financial services” role is assigned BP category is a group “Bank Role” is assigned.
You are implementing the new FX Hedge Management and Hedge accounting functionality. What can you specify in hedging profile? (2 CA) Hedging scenario Product types for exposure subitems Designation types Settings used for effectiveness tests.
Which of the following market data types can you import into the system? (3 CA) Correlations Exchange Limits Discount factors Exchange rates Interest rates.
What determines the attributable amount of trades used in Credit Risk Analyzer utilization reports? (2 CA) Default risk rule Limit product group Limit type Determination procedure.
Which dimension type supports the custom hierarchies in SAP Analytics cloud? Version Date Generic Account.
Which of the following payments can be executed by the Treasury payment program (F111)? (3 CA) Payroll payments Loans management payments Payment requests Payments to customers & vendors Mobile payments.
What does SAP Multi Bank Connectivity provide? (3 CA) Direct integration to banks Cloud based corporate to bank connectivity that is open to public Connection to multiple banks thru real time, batch or manual upload / download End to end solution that can be used from within SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA End to end integration to banks for incoming and outgoing payments.
After you activate financial object integration for Market Risk analyzer, what becomes available in contracts? Analysis parameters tab Status tab Online limit check Hedging relationships.
You are testing a cash flow transaction. How do you capture the flows? They are automatically generated by condition types They are entered manually They are derived from transaction type They are inherent to a cash flow transaction.
Your company experiences low automatic reconciliation for incoming payments. To use ML to improve the clearing automation? Reprocessing rules Search string Interpretation algorithm SAP Cash Application .
What are the available account revision options when you configure the bank account revision process? (3 CA) Activate via dual control Activate indirectly Activate directly Activate via workflow Activate formally .
What options do you have to group a mass change request when workflows are enabled? (2 CA) Account type Account currency Bank country Company code.
Which of the following accrual and deferral methods supported? (2 CA) Différence Reversed Reset Partial.
Which methods are available to capture analysis characteristic values within a trade (2 CA) Manual input Derivation strategy Idoc Direct interface.
Which source applications use Origin X when defining queries & query sequences? (2 CA) FI-GL FI-CA TRM FI-AR.
At which levels are authorizations assigned in the BP standing instructions? (3 CA) Product type BP category Transaction type Flow type Product category.
Which import option for market data is supported within SAP TRM? XML file upload Datafeed Market data wizard Bloomberg connector.
Where do you activate the Trading Platform Integration? Hedge Plan Hedging area Hedge profile Hedge management cockpit.
Pre-requisites to reconcile intraday bank statements Set the Create Planning Types per bank account node Configure tolerance groups Set the monitoring rules for intraday bank statements app. Configure the define transaction node.
You implement Market Risk Analyzer. What can you achieve when you use the results database? (2 CA) Decouple the calculation of key figures from reporting. Forward the NPV to Transaction Manager Import yield curves, forex rates & sensitivities Combine NPV & VAR in one report.
You want to allocate funds from global headquarter level down to the individual lower level subsidiaries. How can you perform this task in your planning sheet on SAP Analytics Cloud? Allocating Funds Spreading Funds Assigning Funds Distributing Funds.
Your current payment outflows meet all netting requirements. Which Transaction manager flows can you link thru netting? (3 CA) Two or more money market transaction flows One money market flow and a freeform payment request Bank to bank repetitive payment and a money market flow Two money market flows and a forex flow Five derivative flows and one security flow. .
You are preparing scenarios in Marker Risk Analyzer for testing purposes. Which market data can you use to create scenarios? (2 CA) Exchange Rates Credit Spreads Default Rates Correlations.
Which of the following are types of Hedging Areas? (2 CA) Rule based Period based Reference based Risk based.
You are setting up a model for Liquidity Planning in SAP Analytics Cloud. Which steps are required to establish the model? (3 CA) Add dimensions Map Data Define a style Add an input task Add a data source.
50. You need to setup dual control process for bank accounts with workflow. According to requirements, implement for all business units but only for deposit accounts during opening & closing and not for changing. Preconditions for workflow? (2 CA) Account number Account type Account action Company code.
You are using Credit Risk Analyzer. Which type of Counterparty risk is tracked? Inflationary risk Interest rate risk Liquidity risk Settlement risk.
Which advantage do you have by using side car approach for SAP S/4HANA Cash Management? (2 CA) The centralized cash position analysis and the liquidity forecast are available The full scope of make bank transfers and approve bank payments based on BCM is available The bank relationship management across all bank accounts can be managed The one exposure structures in ECC & SAP S/4HANA are kept in sync thru distributed cash management.
Which tool do you use to integrate data from Treasury & Risk management to One Exposure from Operations hub? Flow builder FQM adapter Direct integration File upload.
You configure Credit Risk Analyzer. What must you do to activate Single Transaction Check? (2 CA) Schedule utilization reports Enable end of day processing of Credit Risk Analyzer Define at least one single transaction check product Activate the integrated default risk limit check .
You implement hedge management and hedge accounting. Explain the hypothetical derivative? It is the link between hedged item and hedging instrument It is the representation of the hedging instrument It is representation of hedging relationship in Market risk analyzer It is representation of hedged item for classification calculation.
Which type of hierarchy can be used for liquidity planning in SAP Analytics Cloud? (2 CA) Level based Account based Parent Child Organization dependent .
You are testing creation of references between contracts. For which scenarios does the system create references automatically? (3 CA) Rollover of money market deal Second purchase of security Forex swap Rollover of Forex forward .
Which product types are a part of money market submodule? (3 CA) Commercial paper Letter of Credit Facilities Futures Deposit at notice.
You have customized the system for Hedge Accounting under IFRS. During period end activities, which of the following amounts of Hedging Instrument (HI) does the system post to Equity (OCI)? For cash flow hedges, the non-effective portion of gain or loss of the HI For cash flow hedges, the effective portion of gain or loss of the HI For fair value hedges, the non-effective portion of change in fair value of the HI For fair value hedges, the effective portion of change in fair value of the HI.
Which activities can be configured to initiate the deal release workflow for a money market transaction? (3 CA) Add or create Premature settlement Change Reversal Delete.
You have enabled two business transaction events (BTE) in configuration to enable signatory control using 0BANK002 and 0BANK004. Impact on approval process? Users defined in SAP BCM can approve payments Users defined in SAP MBC can approve payments Users defined in SAP Payment Engine can approve payments Users defined in SAP BAM can approve payments .
You are testing new products. Which of the following trade types creates postings for exchange of nominal amounts? Swaption Interest rate swap Credit default swap Cross currency swap.
Which setting is required when you configure the payment methods in country? Direction of payment method Payment ranking order Available payment amounts Currencies allowed.
Which event can you configure to generate correspondence? Rate fixing Order expiration Premature settlement Contract creation.
You work on a business blueprint for correspondence business partner group. Which configuration settings can you select? (2 CA) Contract settlement required Correspondence object creation Counter confirmation required Automatic correspondence.
Which features are available when you define payment approvals in Bank Account Management? (3 CA) A validity period can be assigned to each signatory Signatory can be assigned to different signatory groups Payment approval patterns can be assigned by bank account country Payment approval limits are specified in local currency Payment approval limits can be defined for each signatory.
How many public versions can be used for Actuals dimension? Up to 5 Up to 99 Only 1 Up to 9.
What advantages result from storing all cash management related data centrally in One Exposure? (3 CA) No need to reconcile line items & totals any longer Data is better protected against unwanted changes Decreased data footprint is ensured More flexibility when combining attributes in reports Snapshot information from external systems can be integrated .
You create a securities account with a liability security accounts category. What securities does it hold? Repurchase agreements Loans Own issued bonds Purchased bonds.
Which process steps are a part of Exposure management? (2 CA) Posting of exposures fair value change to either P&L or Equity Perform effectiveness test Release of the raw exposures that could be hedged Creation of raw exposures.
In which order do you customize the EBS functionality? Create Keys for posting rules, define posting rules, assign accounts to account symbols, assign bank accounts to transaction type Create account symbols, assign accounts to account symbols, Create Keys for posting rules, define posting rules assign accounts to account symbols, assign interpretation algorithm to external transaction code, Create Keys for posting rules, assign bank accounts to transaction type.
Which roles are associated with the Bank Account Review process? (2 CA) Legal reviewer Review administrator Review initiator Authorized reviewer.
You want to classify cash flow lifecycle information from forecast to actual. What are the characteristics of flow type? (2 CA) They allow classification of customers and vendors in cash forecast They allow bank account group view The flow types from 20 to 80 indicate these are forecasted cash flows They distinguish forecasted cash flows from confirmed cash flows.
Which cash pool type is supported by default in SAP S/4HANA Cash Management? National Internal Physical Centralized.
Which submodules can be used to capture debt & investments? (2 CA) Securities Money market Foreign exchange Derivatives.
You want to maintain the payment approval process with Bank Account Management. Which approval patterns are available? (2 CA) Sequential pattern with up to 6 signatory groups Non-Sequential pattern for different payment amounts Non-Sequential pattern for different number of payments in the batch Sequential pattern with up to 4 steps.
Which value at risk models are supported in Market Risk Analyzer? (3 CA) Monte Carlo valuation Variance/covariance approach Gap analysis Historical simulation NPV calculation.
Which elements control account determination for Transaction Manager deals? (3 CA) Update Type Portfolio Account Assignment reference Valuation Area Flow Type.
Which function is performed in the Credit Risk analyzer? Online limit check Value at risk calculation Portfolio analysis Evaluation procedure.
You observe missing memo record information on a report. Which table do you analyze? FDSB FQLSUM FDES FQM_FLOW.
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