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certif co chphi 1

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certif co chphi 1

certif co chphi 1

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In costing based COPA, the actual data is always updated in the company code currency True False.
The order type is client dependent True False.
Internal orders can be Real orders Single orders Statistical orders Standing orders All of the above None of the above.
Order type controls Status of the orders Parameters for settlement, planning and budgetting whether revenue postings are allowed whether commitment management is active Characteristics (required, optional and so on) of master record files Whether the number is internally or externally assigned and the number range.
You can post revenues to cost center profit center sales order internal order.
You can create your own status settings if sap standard status settingS are not detailed enough True Fasle.
The orders are settled from the lowest hierarchy number to the highest hierarchy number True Fasle.
The distribution rule has a validity period True Fasle.
You use allocation structure to define which cost element is used, whether the original cost element or settlement cost element True Fasle.
What structure controls the settlement to different receivers depending on the original cost elements that were posted in the order PA structure allocation structure source structure.
Settlement corrections are possible only for individual settlements True False.
An order status can allow or disallow the actual postings to an order True False.
The settlement process can be repeated as many time as required untill all objects are settled to zero True False.
The first step to create an order is Assign a profit center Assign the order to an order type Assign a company code Assign a business area.
If a correction settlement for the previous period is required after processing settlement in the posting period, the settlements performed in the posting period doesn't need to be reversed True False.
You can define a retention period after which the settlement document can be archived True False.
Statistical orders can be allocated to Cost center other statistical order Real orders.
100% of the costs are settled to one cost center or to one G/L account under one cost element Basic settlement Primary settlement Extended settlement secondary settlement Full settlement.
A status can Allow a business transaction Allow a business transaction with a warning Prohibit a business transaction.
A customer wants to post costs to the controlling objects like cost centers etc through an internal order. He also runs many company codes in the SAP system and many business areas. He wants the costs to be posted across company codes and across business areas. How does he do it? Record the company code and business area in the master data of the order Do not record the company code and business area in the master data of the order Assign company code and business area in the cost center master data Assign company code and business area in the cost element master data.
Orders with revenues can be settled to Other orders with revenues Cost centers Profitability segments G/L accounts .
You can assign an order to multiple groups, but you cannot define a standard hierarchy True False.
Source structure Can be inserted in the settlement profile Combines the primary and secondary cost elements used for debit posting to the order into source assignments Can be set in customizing Can be activated in the master data for internal orders .
Cost element type 22 is Used when settlement is done for internal management accounting objects Used when settlement is done to an asset or G/L account (external settlement).
You can carry over the open commitments to the next fiscal year as part of the year end closing process True Fasle.
If company code and business area are assigned to the statistical order, cross company or cross business area is allowed True Fasle.
it is always possible to post data to the orders immediately after the order is created True False.
Overhead cost orders can be senders of an activity allocation True False.
In 1:n assignments, the operational charts of accounts in all assigned company codes and in the controlling area must be the same True False.
The periodic reposting can only repost primary costs True False.
A validation can always contain only one step True False.
Statistical key figures Those defined as fixed values are updated from the corresponding posting period onwards, in all of the following periods of the fiscal year can not be changed once they have been entered can be used as a basis for periodical allocations must be defined within the framework of the activity allocation.
The internal order can be the sender of a direct activity allocation True False.
The currency of the controlling area must always be the same as the currency of the company code True False.
You can define master data fields for cost centers, cost elements and activity types as time-based True False.
You can use the report painter to define your own reports True False.
You can select individual business transactions for locking from a list of the actual and plan business transactions True False.
A secondary allocation cost element is required for carrying out_______ Periodic reposting Distribution Assessment.
The substitution is stronger than (has priority over) the validation True False.
Which statements are valid? Debit a costcenter statistically and an order as real Debit a statistical order as real and a cost center as statistical Debit costcenter as real and order as real Debit a costcenter as real.
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