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certif co stbpa 2/2

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certif co stbpa 2/2

certif co stbpa 2/2


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A master recipe: Validate the following statements. Operation and phases can use secondary resources in addition to the primary resource. contains operations and phases A phase is a self contained work step that describes one part of the production process in detail Operations consolidate several phases.
If the circulating material is flagged for costing, the material cost appears in the itemization list once with a plus sign and once with a minus sign. The difference is treated as material usage costs. true false.
By-products are entered with a negative quantity in the material master list true false.
Process orders are of order type 50 10 40 20.
Scrap can be valuated in case of product cost collector true false.
Identify the cost objects from the below list Controlling area clients projects Process orders Production order Product cost collector.
If the by-product is flagged for relevant to costing , the cost of the co-product is reduced from the manufacturing costs using the net realizable value method true false.
If you are using the controlling level material by production plant/Planning, you cannot create a preliminary cost estimate for the PCC true false.
The order costs are calculated in the order header and distributed to the co products on the basis of equivalence numbers specified in the PA transfer structure source structure allocation structure None of the above.
input material Are debited to the manufacturing order when are withdrawn from the inventory Raw material and semi finished products used in the manufactureing process are temporary and exist only between production phases.
If a material is a Co-product you select the co-product indicator in the _____ view or _____ view of the material master record MRP, costing costing, accounting accounting, MRP.
When is the WIP calculated in case of product cost by order at actual costs When the order is partially delivered When the order is technically complete or delivered.
What would you recommend in case of repetitive manufacturing Sales order Product cost collector Product cost by order.
In process manufacturing only the phases and not the operations are relevant to costing true false.
Which indicator must be selected for the Phase in process orders Control indicator Costing indicator Operation indicator Relevant to costing indicator.
When you reactivate the operating environment, the existing transaction data is affected true false.
Validate the following statements The controlling area is the highest organizational unit within CO-PA The company code is an independent accounting unit within a client The plant represents a production center; It is the primary organizational unit in operations and manufacturing The legal requirements of the balance sheet and P&L account are fulfilled at the company code level.
There is a limitation to the number of non-fixed characteristics that can be added to an operating concern 100 50 40 10 25.
Validate the following statements with reference to derivation rules: It can be configured to apply for all situations It helps in determining the target characteristic values based on the values of other characteristic values (source values) You have an option either to give an error message or to ignore the errors and proceed when the rules cannot determine the characteristic values It is used to determine the characteristic values through user defined logic It must be time dependent It can be configured to apply only if certain conditions are fulfilled.
It is recommended that you have only one operating concern for the sake of simplicity. true false.
The standard derivation strategy of each operating concern is automatically created by the system true false.
How will you define the characteristics for the customer group, customer district, and country you can use the predefined characteristics available in the field catalog you can configure this in the master data you can define a new characteristic with your own derivative strategy.
With reference to characteristics Derivation we can say Derivation steps which are created by the system at generation time are modiable Derivation strategy is a sequence of steps where each step uses one derivation technique to calculate one or more values for one or more characteristics Derivation supplements or overwrites certain automatically mapped characteristic values Control attributes can be assigned to each step, such as conditions for execution, reactions when unsuccesful and overwrite authority.
Costing based COPA enables to determine the anticipated profits true false.
value fields need not be created for calculated items such as net sales and contribution margin need to exist in value field catalog before they can be used to define a new operating concern cannot be accessed by any clients store the basic quantities and amounts for reporting there are fixed value fields for an operating concern.
Which of the following fields cannot be overwritten with derivations in sales order management transactions product sales organization business area customer distribution channel profit center division.
Which of the following are fixed characteristics (5 options are correct) Sales order Plant Company code billing type business area profitcenter costcenter product number.
A customer while configuring the PA analysis has not configured any derivation step for the ship-to-party field, where as sold-to-party has been configured. Which of the functions below will he use to populate the ship-to-party field? Derivation through lookup Derivation with Move and Clear Derivation Rules.
The characteristics in the field catalog can be accessed by any client in the sap system true false.
Valuation: supplements with calculated, retrieved or otherwise assessed values for the data being passed directly from transactions into COPA is mandatory Valuation strategies need to be assigned to record types, points of valuation and plan versions when applicable to be activated You cannot customize the sequence of the valuation strategy Valuation strategy can contain COPA costing sheet, sales order management pricing procedures, product costing calls and user exit calls in a sequence.
The performance of accounting based COPA in execution speed of a report in another application is faster than the costing based COPA true false.
State the two accounting methods used for generating profitability statements Fixed cost method Cost-of-sales method period accounting profitability method.
_______ - based COPA stores its transaction data in the transaction data tables for overhead cost management costing account.
You can specify in the material list whether a cost of the catalyst is taken into account. true false.
The standard costs, planned costs and the actual cost of the individual co products are calculated: using the apportionment structure that is specified in the material master manually automatically by the system.
A variance key can be defined at plant level and shall apply to all material master records created in the plant true false.
The performance of period-end closing activities, such as revaluation of activities, is improved by using product cost collectors. true false.
The automatically derived standard derivation strategy can't be customized true false.
You need to reactivate the operating environment when you add a new characteristic or a value field true false.
If only one operating concern is opted, the controlling areas and company codes should share the same fiscal calendar true false.
Characteristics represent the finest level of details at which costs and revenues are broken down true false.
A table lookup is a _________ technique that is utilized by COPA to access the characteristic values from SAP master data tables derivation valuation.
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