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Dba 02/03

Dba 02/03


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21 - What are some characteristics of YAML files? YAML files can be used as configuration files. YAML files rely on correct indentation. YAML files are also valid JSON files. YAML files are based on XML. .
22 - Which of the following can be used as a management tool for SAP Business Technology Platform? SAP Solution Manager SAP Business Application Studio Cloud Foundry CLl SAP BTP CLl.
23 - In an SAP Business Application Studio project, what does the "cf push" command do? It deploys the application modules defined in the manifest.yml file into the Cloud Foundry account. It updates the service instances of the services defined in the service-manifest.yml file. It creates the service instances of the services defined in the service-manifest.yrnl file.
24 - You have configured an approuter by creating the xs-app.json file in the approuter folder with the following content: { ..."authenticationMethod": "route",... }, "routes": [ {"source": "^/app/(.*)$", "target": "$1" "localDir": "resources", "authenticationType":"xsuaa" }, {"source": "^/service/(.*)$","destination": "srv-binding","authenticationType": "xsuaa" ] }What does this routes array tell the approuter? All requests starting with /service will be targeted to the folder resources. All requests starting with /service will be forwarded to the CAP service. The files requested for /app will be put to the resources folder. The files in the resources folder will be served for all requests to /app.
25 - Which error is thrown by the CAP SDK for Node.js, when a CRUD operation violates the foreign key constraints? FOREIGN_KEY_VIOLATION CX_SY_CONSTRAINT_VIOLATION UNIQUE_CONSTRAlNT_VIOLATION ILLEGAL_CRUD_OPERATION.
26 - Which language do you use to create a data model in a CAP project? SQL Core Data Services Definition Language (CDL) ABAP Core Data Services Query Language (CQL).
27 - What is a necessary step to implement a custom error handler in the CAP SDK for Code.js? Catch exceptions during a CRUD operation Register the error handler function for the on phase of the error. Write a custom Node.js package. Register the error handler function for the before phase of the error.
28 - Your customer presents you with the following UI requirements:Users need to work through a comparatively small set of items, one by one Multiple views of the same content One kind of datavisualization Which SAP Fiori elements floorplan do you recommend they use? Object page List report Worklist Analytical list page.
29 - What are the relationships? (Drag and drop the labels at the bottom onto the framed locations of the image above.) User > Role Collection > Role > Scope User > Role > Role Collection > Scope User > Role Collection > Scope > Role User > Scope > Role > Role Collection User > Role > Scope > Role Collection.
30 - Which formats are supported by OData? YAML XML-based AtomPub XHTML JSO N.
31- You have developed a CAP project and added the XSUAA security configuration.What information is storedin the xs-security.json file? role-templates roles users scopes.
32 - Before you can use SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery in your CAP project, what must you do in yourSAP BTP account? Assign an appropriate role template to your user. Assign an appropriate role collection to your user. Create an SAP CI/CD service instance. Subscribe to an SAP CI/CD service plan.
33- You want to create a new service definition in your CAP project. In which folder do you place the servicedefinition .cds file? /db /srv /app /root.
34 - How can you bring your company’s user base into your SAP BTP subaccount? Create the users manually in the security section of your subaccount. Establish a trust relationship with the default identity provider. Import the users via .csv file upload in the SAP BTP cockpit. Establish a trust relationship with your corporate identity provider.
35 - You have implemented a simple bookshop CAP application for the purpose of selling books. You want to implement an error handler in the bookshop-service, that an be used to react on specific error messages. For all other errors, you want to define a default error message. The error handler should be called duringthe event.Drag the code snippets from below into the correct parts of the error handler implementation. this ( "error" , , switch ( err. message ) I err.message=“The entry already exists.”; break; err.ressage= "An error occured .Please retry.Technica Terror message:"+ err.messafe ;break; err default: req case "UNIQUE_CONSTRAINT_VIOLATION": err default: req case "The entry already exists": err default: req case "An error occured .Please ": err default: req case "retry.Technica Terror message":.
36 - You use the Cloud MTA Build Tool to create an MTA archive (.mtar) from your project source.What command must you run to do this in one step? rnbt make mbt init rnbt build.
37 - Which of the following HTTP verbs are provided by OData? CONNECT GET TRACE PATCH.
38 - Which management tool can you use to deploy a CAP project into a space of your SAP BTP subaccount? APIs for SAP BTP SAP BTP command line interface Cloud Foundry command line interface.
39 - By default, which file describes scopes and role-templates of an application for the instantiation of anXSUAA service instance? services-manifesLyml manifest.yrnl xs-security.json package.json.
40 - Your customer presents you with the following UI requirements:Users work on different kinds of itemsDifferent visualizations without interactions between the visualizations No drilldown Which SAP Fiori elements floor plan do you recommend they use? Analytical list page Object page Worklist List report.
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