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DBA 03/03

DBA 03/03


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41 - You use SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery for your CAP project. Where can you access the WebhookEvent Receiver? On the Repositories tab On the Jobs tab On the Credentials tab.
42-Which identifier is used by the XSUAA service to distinguish applications and scopes? Xsappnarne tenant-mode xs—security VCAP_SERVICES.
43 - When would you choose SAP Fiori elements for app development? When standard floorplans are sufficient When flexibility is more important than speed When unique floorplans are required When speed is more important than flexibility.
44 - What are some core principles of the design philosophy of SAP Fiori? Adaptive Coherent Productive Role-based Intuitive.
45 - You have set up a pipeline in the SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery service with automated deployment. A build was initiated and failed. What do you check o find out which step of the pipeline failed? The webhook of your version control system The stages in the config.yml in the .pipeline folder The webhook event receiver The stages of the failed job run.
46 - What are some characteristics of OData? OData is RESTful. OData uses the SOAP protocol. OData is an architectural design template for hypermedia information systems. OData builds on HTTP, AtornPub, and JSON using URls to address and access data feed resources.
47 - Which of the following SAP Fiori pages areas are mandatory? Footer Header Toolbars Content.
48 - What is JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)? An open-standard format to structure data transferred using web technologies. A notation command for automatically instantiating JavaScript objects. A simple way to annotate objects in JavaScript. An open-standard format to structure JavaScript programs.
49 - Which event phases can you use with CAP event handlers by default? Between While Before On After.
50 - In SAP Fiori, how are drafts used? To prevent an object being edited by multiple users concurrently To prevent data loss in case an app terminates unexpectedly To enable responsiveness of apps To enable empty states of apps.
51 - What are standard events that CAP handles by default? REFRESH READ UPDATE WRITE CREATE.
52 - Which severity level matches which request method?req.error/req.warn/req.notify/ / Req.notify / Req. warn / Req. error / Req.error / Req.warn / Req.notify / Req.warn / Req.error / Req.notify / Req.error / Req.notify / Req.warn / Req.warn / Req.notify / Req.error.
53 - What are some characteristics of APIs? All APls use the common JSON Format. The communication protocol of APIs is defined in their specification They specify how software programs exchange information using standardized protocols. They can always be used without authentication.
54 - Which basic user types exist on the SAP Business Technology Platform? Business users Platform users Application users NTechnical users .
55 - What are some principles of continuous integration? Automated deployment to the productive system Automated tests Automated code change pushes Automated builds.
56 - Your company is using the SAP Authorization and Trust Management service in conjunction with the XSUAA service to authorize their applications.Where do you bundle your defined scopes in role-templates? In a role-collection In an instance of the XSUAA service In an xs-security.json file.
57 - What is recommended by SAP when you publish an API? Use version numbers in the API names. Provide good APl documentation. Remove obsolete APIs without notice. Use meaningful, clear, and self-explanatory APl names.
58 - Your customer presents you with the following UI requirements:The same visualizations for all users Extraction of key information to identify a root cause Searching, filtering, and sorting of items.Which SAPFiori elements floorplan do you recommend they use? List report Object page Worklist Analytical list page.
59 - What is one of the required steps to enable authentication support in CAP? Install a YAML module called passport. Install a CDS module called passport. lnstall a Node.js module called passport. Install a package.json module called passport.
60 - In your Git system, you have set up a webhook for your SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery pipeline.What kind of request does this webhook send to the specified payload URL? PUT request POST request GET request PATCH request.
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