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You want to order material for a cost center. Which field in the PO controls procurement directly for consumption? (1 answer) Procurement Document Category Account Assignment Category Item Category Purchase Order Type.
Which of the following can you do with item category? (2 answers) You can create new custom item categories in Customizing You can map different procurement processes such as subcontracting or consignment You can use the item category to control the number assignment of a purchase order You can change the short description of an item category in Customizing.
S4PR1 - What are S/4 innovations around RFQ ? (2 answers ) One RFQ per supplier You can send a RFQ without supplier Receive multiple suppliers quotations for 1 RFQ You can have softfacts and hardfacts in the same Fiori view.
Which of the following must you do before the system can check the minimum remaining shelf life during the goods receipt for a purchase order? (2 answers) Enter the remaining shelf life in the material master record Activate the shelf life expiration data check-in customizing Enter the earliest acceptable expiration date in the PO item Activate batch management for the material.
What must you consider regarding the extension of the maximum field length of the material number in SAP S/4HANA? (2 answers) Custom code referring to the extension of the material number field length may need to be updated SAP provides technical compatibility for released external interfaces such as BAPIs and iDocs The extended material number functionality is activated by default in SAP S/4 HANA The extended material number functionality cannot be activated in a multi-system landscape.
Which indicators can you set in source list in SAP Material Management? (2 answers) JIT Blocked Forecast MRP.
What determines which stock account is updated? for GR in PO using material (1 answer) Price control Account modifier Valuation class Condition record.
Which of the following are prerequisites for the automatic conversion of purchase requisitions into purchase orders? (2 answers) A contract with plant-specific conditions exists for the material and the supplier. The purchase requisition contains a mater all master record The automatic Purchase Order indicator is set in the supplier master record The purchase requisition is assigned to a valid source of supply.
S4PR1 - Which transactions disappear in S/4? (2 answers) MBSL ME21n MIGO MB01 ME57.
You created an outline agreement. You want to assign automatically the sourcing during planning. What are the possibilities ? (1 answer) Create a valid scheduling agreement Create a source a source list and assign the outline agreement Create a quota arrangement and assign the vendor Create info record with "automatic sourcing" Create info record with "regular sourcing".
Which field determine the behavior of material requirement planning ? (1 answer) MRP area MRP type.
S4LG1 - What are the solutions which can create forecast ? (2 answers) SCM IBP CRM SRM.
How to prevent goods movement from being posted to reservation item in requirement date in SAP MM? (1 answer) Leave Final issue indicator blank Set retention periods Leave Movement Allowed indicator blank Set base date.
Which storage types does SAP HANA support for data?(2 answers) Column Sheet Row File.
What Special material types settings can be defined? (2 answers) Pipeline mandatory Consignment mandatory Material is configurable Material is consumable.
You create a material type for a valuated stock material that you purchase. Which user departments must you select? (2 answers) Costing Purchasing Accounting Warehouse management.
In SAP FIORI APP, what can you do in Self-Service Requisitioning functionality ? (3 answers) Confirm receipt of goods Complete PO Create PR Create PR Advanced Post Goods receipt for Purchase Order.
Which of the below components are embedded in S/4 ? (2 answers) EWM Transport management Ariba Concur.
Where to maintain purchasing condition? (3 answers) Quota arrangement Info Record Purchase Requisition Outline agreement Quotation.
What are the functionalities available in self-requisitioning ? (2 answers) Create PR Confirm GR Confirm PO Create PR advanced.
Improvement in SAP S/4HANA vs SAP ERP (2 answers) Removal of the SAP GUI Elimination of aggregate tables Simplification of the data model Data redundancies for higher security.
You want to have different materials that belong to the same material type for example, FERT (Finished Product). Posted to different stock accounts. How can you do this? (2 answers) Allow several account category references for the material type Assign different valuation classes to the materials Allow several valuation classes for the material type Assign different valuation categories to the materials.
Select SAP Fiori applications types in the list (3 answers) Transaction Factsheet Analytical Configuration Master Data.
Which of the following are features of supplier classification in SAP S/4HANA? (2 answers) Support integration to Dun & Bradstreet data Assignment of characteristics to suppliers Evaluation of suppliers based on soft facts Assignment of suppliers to materials groups.
When setting up external procurement in SAP S/4HANA system, a customer decides to use the Lean Services functionality. What restriction applies? (1 answer) It is not possible to define a release procedure for a Lean Services item For a Lean Services item you cannot create an info record in the SAP S/4HANA system Transaction ME21N create purchase order: vendor/ supplying plant known does not support Lean services item For a lean services item in a purchase order, is not possible to work with outline levels.
S4LG1 - For S/4HANA what is the purpose of custom code check? (1 answer) to translate custom table to S/4HANA to create new program to download custom code to list the Custom code that is not compatible to S/4HANA.
What are SAP Fiori Analytical apps in Inventory management? (2 answers) Contract consumption Manage stock Stock - Multiple material Dead stock analysis.
Which of the following factors influence the automatic account determination in inventory management? (3 answers) Storage location Movement type Material type Plant Document type.
Which organizational assignment is mandatory for external procurement? (1 answer) Company Code - Purchasing Organization Standard Plant - Purchasing Organization Reference Purchasing Organization - Purchasing Organization Purchasing Organization - Plant.
Which type of purchasing info record can be created without reference to a material? (2 answers) Standard info record Consignment info record Subcontracting info record Pipeline info record.
What can you personalize in Procurement overview page in SAP S/4HANA? (3 answers) filter information on a card Change position of the cards Hide existing cards Extend the procurement overview with one new card Change set of cards.
S4H01 - Which of the following are business partner category ? (3 answers) Organisation Supplier Customer Group Person.
Which of the following are prerequisites for performing material requirements planning (MRP)? (2 answers) The storage locations to be included in the plant-level MRP must be identified MRP data must be maintained for the materials Independent requirements must be maintained The plant parameters must be maintained.
For material subject to split valuation, which level is price control moving average set in SAP MM? (1 answer) Account modification Account group Valuation area Valuation group.
What layers are available in SAP Best Practices content? (3 answers) Solution packages Process diagrams Building blocks Scope items Configuration.
in SAP S/4HANA Manage Purchase Requisition : What is possible capabilitiy? (3 answers) Dynamic & flexible search Creation of purchase orders from assigned purchase requisition Sources assignment whenever possible Propose the available source of supply.
What are consumption-based material requirements planning (MRP) planning procedures based on? (1 answer) Material reservations Depending requirements Previous material usage Planned independent requirements.
What restriction applies on Lean Services functionality in S/4HANA? (1 answer) No possible to define release procedure Lean Service item in PO is not possible to work with outline levels Plant does not support Lean Services items Lean Services item cannot create info record.
For which fields can be specified personal default values in transaction MIGO? (2 answers) Stock Type Posting date Movement Type UoM.
Which of the following are benefits of split valuation? (2 answers) You can decide whether each batch is to be valuated individually for materials managed in batches You can enter a valuation type in a purchase order and change it at goods receipt you can define criteria according to which partial stocks of a material are valuated differently within a valuation area you can decide on split valuation for a material at any time and any existing stocks will be split up.
Which are the functionalities included in the Operational Procurement ? (3 answers) Self requisitioning Procurement analytics Collaborative planning Service purchasing Strategic sourcing.
What information does the SAP Fiori apps reference library provide? (2 answers) Transaction codes that are no longer used Key installation and configuration information for each app Information about previous versions of the app Accelerators with configuration building blocks.
Which configuration element contains criteria that causes an item or document to be blocked in SAP MM? (1 answer) Release status Release indicator Release strategy Release code.
what rule can a goods movement use to process accounting relevant business transaction in SAP MM? (2 answers) Account Grouping code Valuation Grouping code Valuation area Posting Key.
For which to create MRP area? (1 answer) MRP run by vendor Storage location MRP Forecasting.
What are the documents created by self-requisitioning in background ? (2 answers) purchase requisition reservation production order purchase order.
What to consider to define storage location? (2 answers) Storage location must be assigned to warehouse number Storage location key is unique within a plant Storage location always belongs to a plant Storage location has same address as plant.
Which of the following options are controlled by material type? (2 answers) Which procurement type(s) the material can have Whether batch management is active for the material Whether split valuation is allowed for the material Whether the material number assignment is internal or external.
Which influences the supplier master field selection ? (3 answers) Account group Purchasing group Industry sector Purchasing organization Company code.
What are functionalities of invoicing with SAP Ariba Network ? (2 answers) Allow to monitor the invoice & payment status Invoice sent through ARIBA Network are posted directly in S/4 HANA Invoice uploaded in ARIBA Network are saved as draft in S/4 HANA Increase the speed up but need to send the paper invoice.
What are benefits of self-service requisition? (2 answers) Reduced procurement costs Decreased number of purchase contracts Integrated update function for material master data Increased no-touch rate for PO.
To what object can you assign a purchasing group? (1 answer) A material at plant level A plant A material at client level A purchasing organization.
Which value influence the field selection in material master ? (3 answer) Procurement type Industry sector Plant Material status MRP type.
Which of the following are restrictions of material-to-material postings? (3 answers) The postings can be made only from unrestricted-use stock of the issuing material to unrestricted-use stock of the receiving material The postings can be made only in a single step The postings can be made only between materials with the same material type The postings can be made only if the stock of the issuing material is in the same storage location as the stock of the receiving material The postings cannot be pre-planned with a reservation.
what is updating consumption in SAP MM? (1 answer) Cost Center Sampling Scrapping Production Order.
You are testing a plain procurement process for stock. What follow-on documents are created when you post a goods receipt with reference to purchase order? (2 answers) Material document Accounting document Inbound delivery Invoice document.
Which table in SAP S/4HANA contains the item data for a material document? (1 answer) MIGO MARD MSEG MATDOC.
Which is the highest priority in defining screen of the material master ? (1 answer) Mandatory Optional Hide.
Which function available in Fiori Manage Purchase Requisitions app? (2 answers) Propose available sources of supply Display supplier's contract details Attach document Delete PR.
Which transactions are allowed in MIGO ? (3 answers) Create a transfer order Create a return delivery Cancel material document Release GR blocked stock Enter counted inventory doc.
Which of the following can you use to create business partners in SAP S/4HANA? (2 answers) Maintain Business Roles SAP Fiori app Supplier master create/change/display SAP Fioriapp Transaction BP - Maintain business partner Transaction OMSG - Account Groups: Supplier.
In SAP S/4HANA you are testing the new supplier evaluation based on the purchasing category. What are the advantages compared to supplier evaluation based on the logistics information system? (3 answers) Possibility of evaluating soft facts by means of questionnaires Possibility of evaluating the sustainability performance of suppliers Availability of the ratings for buyer's negotiation sheet Availability of the ratings in real-time.
You want to buy a finished products from the supplier. The components are provided by you. What is the name of the process ? (1 answer) Consignment Subcontracting 3rd party.
How does inventory management differ in SAP S/4HANA compared to SAP ERP? (2 answers) MKPF and MSEG SAP ERP document tables are no longer displayed MARC and MARD tables no longer contain stock aggregates Material ledger is obligatory for material valuation Material ledger is recommended for material valuation.
You expect some vendors to send up an order confirmation and shipping notification for each purchase order item. You with to monitor and dun missing confirmations. Which data in the purchase order item is required for this? (2 answers) Order acknowledgement number One or more reminder levels Order Acknowledgement Requirement indicator Confirmation control key.
In simplified sourcing, what S/4 HANA support as sources of supply? (2 answers) Planned orders Purchasing contracts Quota arrangements Production versions.
SCM520,SCM550 - When you configure an output, which fields can you use ? (3 answers) Purch Group Company Code Plant Material Group.
Which are documents generated by MRP ? (3 answers) Schedule line Purchase requisition Planned order Purchase order Production order.
When you create a material master record, which field determines the requirements planning procedure and related required parameters? (1 answer) MRP controller MRP profile MRP group MRP type.
Which are new sourcing functionalities of RFQ ? (2 answers) Need to enter supplier quote in one RFQ Receive multiple supplier quote from suppliers Convert PR to RFQ Send an RFQ to external platforms without supplier.
What purchasing master data has highest priority in source determination during MRP run? (1 answer) Vendor Master Source List Info Record Quota arrangement.
What determines the sequence in which materials are planned during the material requirements planning (MRP) run? (1 answer) The low-level code of the materials The creation date of the materials The replenishment lead time of the materials The control parameters of the MRP run.
Where do you maintain processing time for purchasing? (1 answer) Purchasing group User parameters Plant parameters Purchasing view of material master.
Which features are offered by Central procurement in S/4HANA ? (2 anwers) Enter GR centrally in hub system for storage locaions in connected systems Create Contract centrally in hub system and distribute to connected systems Create Contract in any connected system and distribute to Hub and other connected systems Create PR in connected system and process in hub system.
How can you maintain default values for the deliver reminder levels of a purchase order item? Enter a purchasing value key in the material master record Enter single reminder periods manually in the material master record Maintain a purchasing value key in customizing for the material group Maintain a purchasing value key in customizing for the purchasing group.
How does SAP HANA use the remote data sync to communicate with Internet of Things (IoT) devices? Remote data sync is bi-directional Remote data sync requires block chain technology Devices can be occasionally connected with SAP HANA Devices cannot collect data locally.
What happen when posting a valuated GR for a PO item with material master record and account assignment K (Cost Center) in SAP MM? (1 answer) The moving average price of the material is updated The system increases the inventory of the material The system debits the consumption account specified in PO A material document is created without an accounting document.
Which object can you directly assign an account category in SAP MM? (1 answer) Material Master Item Category Partner Role Document Type.
What must be done before creation of JIT delivery schedule line for Scheduling Agreement? (2 answers) Use MRP to generate delivery schedule lines in an hourly basis Create scheduling agreement without release documentation Set JIT indicator field in material master record referenced in scheduling agreement item Maintain JIT indicator field in item details of scheduling agreement.
How to set up uniform account determination for all materials of several material type (1 answer) Define new common valuation area for material Group material types using common valuation class Define common item category group for material types Group material types using common account category reference.
S4H01 - Which are the possible views for material SERV ? (4 answers) Purchasing Accounting Basic data MRP Sales Quality Management.
Which of the following characteristics are part of the business partner concept? (3 answers) You can only maintain one address per business partner You can assign the roles of both vendor and customer to an individual business partner Business partner, customer and vendor can have different numbers Before conversion, you must merge the number ranges of your customers and your vendors The customer and vendor master data tables are automatically updated in the background.
At which level can we define the lock relevant fields ? (1 answer) User Client Material Plant.
What is required for account changes when posting an invoice with reference PO Item with account assignment ? (2 answers) choose valuated GR in PO item and post invoice before GR Allow account assignment changes during invoice receipt in customizing for account assignment category Choose either a non-valuated GR or no GR posting in PO item Choose multiple account assignment combined with partial invoice indicator in PO item.
You are responsible for releasing blocked supplier invoices. Which of the following options does SAP S/4HANA offer ? (2 answers) Use the My inbox SAP Fiori app if a workflow has been implemented for this purpose Choose the Supplier Invoices List SAP Fioriapp and branch to the invoice to be released Choose the Schedule Billing Release SAP Fioriapp for an automatic release Choose the Monitor Payments SAP Fioriapp and branch to the invoice to be released.
Where can you assign the release creation profile to generate delivery schedules ? (2 answers) Scheduling agreement header Scheduling agreement item Vendor master Material master.
Where posting with automatic account determination in SAP MM? (1 answer) Invoice verification Material valuation Inventory management MRP Requisition creation.
Which time fields are used during forward scheduling in material requirements planning? (2 answers) Scheduling margin key Good receipt processing time Processing time for purchasing Total replenishment lead time.
Which Embedded Analytics tools does End User have access to? (2 answers) Smart Business Cockpit CDS Query Multi dimension reporting.
What can cause an open item on the Good receipt (GR) or Invoice receipt (IR) account? (1 answer) Difference between quantity delivered and quantity invoiced for a purchase order item Difference between purchase order price and invoice price for a purchase order item Difference between purchase order price and invoice price only for materials valuated at standard price Difference between delivered and invoiced quantity only for good receipt based invoice verification.
Which of the following types of purchasing info record can be created without reference to material? (2 answers) Pipeline info record Subcontracting info record Consignment info record Info record for material group.
S4PR1 - FIORI - What are the different types of users ? (3 answers) Employer Expert Occasional Developer Manager.
What are the restrictions on material to material posting ? (3 answers) posting is possible only between materials with same material type posting is possible if stock of issuing material is same storage location as stock of receiving material posting is possible in one single step posting cannot be pre-planned with a reservation posting is possible from unrestricted use stock of issuing material to unrestricted use stock of receiving material.
Which core processes are available in S/4HANA? (3 answers) Core Finance SAP TM Commodity Management Plant Product P2P.
What custom code check tool in S/4 provide? (1 answer) Badis to replace custom code Descriptions on simplification items Information about existing function Non compliant custom code with S/4HANA.
Which are part of Strategic Analytics S/4 ? (2 answers) SAP Analysis for office SAP Lumira CDS View Browser Query Designer.
You are configuring a new material type. How do you make sure that only external procurement is possible for materials of this new material type? (2 answers) Choose 0 No Internal Purchase Orders allowed in the Internal purchase allowed field Choose P2 Production released in the cross-plant material status field Choose DIEN in the field reference field is that only external procurement fields are available in the material master Choose 2 external purchase orders allowed in the external purchase orders allowed field.
Which level to define lock-relevant fields? (1 answer) Plant Material Client User.
Which capability possible with Ariba network for invoicing? (2 answers) Ariba Network for invoice and paper Supplier can monitor invoice and payment status Invoice are posted directly Invoice are posted as draft and send directly.
SCM550 - Which attributes influence the Field selection of a material master ? ( 1 answer) Account group Industry sector Authorization group Material group.
In which applications can a bill of material (BOM) be used to determine the components of a finished product? (2 answers) Subcontracting Third-party order processing Material requirements planning Vendor consignment.
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