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Direct Capture of Objectives (DCO) provides many benefits. Which of the following are benefits of DCO? (2) Automatically define and store application requirements Provide real-time awareness of project development to all project participants Easily convert legacy operations to automated business processes Use working models to better facilitate business and IT collaboration.
Classes are used to ______________________. (2) manage a set of rules that define a major portion of an application. organize a set of rules for deployment to another server. organize a set of rules into a hierarchy. organize a set of rules for reusability.
Rulesets are used primarily for: (3) Denying access to the application Deploying rules Granting access to the application Organizing rules Versioning rules.
Consider this business use case: To place an online order, a customer provides their personal details such as full name and address. The customer can search for,and select items to order. After the order is placed, it is processed by the Accounts Payable department. The order is then sent to the Fulfillment center where the order items are packaged and shipped to the customer. The customer may cancel the order at any time. Now consider this case life cycle design: valid because they represent a transfer of the case from one part of the organization to another valid because the names used to describe the stages do not use a verb+noun naming convention not valid because there are not at least 5 primary stages not valid because the Cancellation stage should be part of the primary flow.
Which requirements would be best implemented as an Alternate Stage when defining a Case Type? (2) An expense report that requires an audit when certain spending thresholds are crossed or the expense report is billable An expense report that requires us to capture a receipt An expense report that allows us to skip a stage if the expense report is not billable An expense report is rejected.
In a Job Recruitment application, business needs to schedule interviews for candidates who meet passing requirements. Each interview must be tracked from interview date/time to resolution date/time for quality control purposes. The status of interview can change from New, Open-Scheduled, Open-InProgress, Resolved-Rejected, and Resolved-Approved. What are the new records are essential for this application? (3) A field for interview date/time A Wait shape to hold processing until interview is completed A case type A view to capture scheduling information A service level to ensure timely resolution.
Which Smart Shape allows you to move the case to a different stage in the life cycle? A B C D.
When routing to a Work Queue, an assignment remains in the queue until it is selected by an operator. When selected, the case ____________. is moved to the operator’s worklist awaiting action is transferred to the next available operator’s worklist remains in the queue until the operator commits an action is moved to the next queue by the operator’s action.
Given the following business requirement, “Once a loan application is complete the case is routed to a group of underwriters for review.” What type of routing is needed to ensure the case is handled by the next available underwriter? Worklist routing Work queue routing Workpool routing Work routing.
An insurance company provides personal property insurance. Jewelry is categorized as a special type of personal property. Requests for jewelry coverage require that a user managing the request is trained to appraise jewelry. The requirement is to route assignments for jewelry appraisals to users who have this skill. Which one of the following routing approaches would you use? Route requests to a work group that uses skill rating parameters for work group members Route requests to a decision table which routes the request to a work group in a location where there are users who have appraisal skills Route requests to a reporting manager who assigns the request to an available user to ensure fast processing Route directly to a user who is a member of work group that uses skill rating parameters.
When does the Status of a case change when a Work Status change is configured on an Assignment shape? Upon completion of the Assignment When the Case reaches the Assignment shape and the Assignment Object is Created On the Connector prior to the Assignment shape At the start of the Flow (Process) containing the Assignment shape.
A Wait step may pause a case’s processing until a predetermined time expires or ___________________________. completion of the Assignment that case or dependent case(es) processing reaches a specific status a property’s value exceeds a threshold a subcase or spin-off case is created.
Which of these rule types can be used in a flow to direct the processing of a case? (2) Integrator Assignment Flow Action Transformer When.
Where is a When rule referenced when called from a flow? Assignment Connector Decision Fork Service Level.
In a support application you have the requirement: An email notification should be sent within four hours of receipt of the support issue.What in the service level should be set to four hours to meet this requirement? Goal Deadline Passed Deadline Expired.
In a new prescription request, all NSAID medication requests must have a pharmacist with DRG Level 3 approvals. Any pharmacist who meets or exceeds Level 3 may approve. To meet this requirement you configure the case design to have ______________________ A step that routes to Pharmacist Level 3 worklist A custom utility step that uses a standard Pega router A step that routes to the Pharmacist Level 3 skilled queue A send email utility step that .
Which shape would you use if you wanted the system to automatically choose between multiple outcomes? Assignment Decision Utility Subprocess .
You configure a service level to start with 0 points and adjust assignment urgency to 20 when the goal is reached, another 20 when the deadline is reached, and 50 when the passed deadline event is triggered. You iterate the passed deadline 3 times. How many points will the assignment have on the last iteration of passed deadline 100 140 190 230.
An application allows employees to submit expense reports on a weekly basis. Expense reports must be approved by both employee’s manager and audited by finance. The tasks may be completed in any order, but both must be approved for payment to be made. How do you configure the approvals in the application Configure cascading approval process based on user reporting structure Configure a case-wide optional process for each approval process Configure parallel processes for each set of required steps Configure cascading approval process based on an authority matrix.
We have an assignment service level that has the following configuration : * Initial Urgency of the Assignment –10 * Goal –1 day –Urgency –15 * Deadline –3 days –Urgency -20 * Passed Deadline –24 hours –Urgency 20 If the systems creates an assignment with this service level associated to it on March 1stat 9am, what will the urgency value be on March 4that 5pm? 25 35 45 55.
An application includes the property .Employee.Dependent(2).DateOfBirth. The property mode of .Dependent(2) is a ________________ PageList (Field Group List) PageGroup ValueList ValueGroup.
Information about the case data is stored in which page on the Clipboard? pyCaseData pyWorkCase pyWorkData pyWorkPage.
The clipboard is a ________________ tool and is unique to each ________________ case, application diagnostic, case client-side, user session server-side, user session.
In which of the following situations would you use a data transform? (2) Execute a Flow Action Copy data between pages Set default values when creating a case Create properties after the case has been created.
Which of the following would be typical data stored in a Pega Data Source? Delivery Options Customer Details Insurance Policy Data Case Data.
A loan application requires a borrower data type with fields to collect first/last name, address, employment, income, credit score, etc. In certain situations data type of spouse/partner and/or cosigner are required. Can all data types reuse the same properties? Yes, if each data type references the same data class Yes, if each field references the same data source No, each data type must reference a unique data class No, each data type must reference a unique data source.
Which of the following are true about validating user input? (2) Validate rules allow us to compare conditions however they must be referenced in order to work. Validate rules allow us to record an expected relationship between properties and have the system manage them Edit Validate allow us to compare input values with an exact pattern using a Java statement Edit Validate rules allow us to record an expected relationship between properties and have the system manage them.
Select the statement that best describes an Edit Validate rule. Used to test property values against specific conditions Used to ensure a required relationship between two properties Used to test input values against a specific pattern Used to limit the input to a specified number of characters.
You have a requirement to add a bank checking account number field to a view. Routing numbers must contain nine digits. How would you configure the field to support this requirement? In an edit validate rule, configure a function to test for a routing number pattern. Use an edit validate rule that validates the routing number pattern. Use a decimal property type and make the field required. Set the minimum and maximum values to 9 in a text field.
You are adding a field to your case type in which users must enter the day, month, and year they were hired before the user can submit the user form. The field type must enforce a date format. What two validation approaches would you use to meet the validation requirements? (2) Use the read-only option Use the required option Define the field type as an integer Add the word "Required" to the field label Define the field type as a date only.
When creating a data page the requirement is to have the data cached and refreshed after 90 days, which refresh option is best suited to meet this requirement? Reload Every 90 Days Reload if Older Than Do Not Reload When Refresh Once Per Interaction.
An application will use a data page to store user preferences. This page needs to be available to all the cases associated with a single end user. The most appropriate scope for this data page is ______________. Node Requestor Shared Thread.
You have a data page with product data. The data page is configured to reload if it is older than 1 day. If the data page was created at 9am on Monday morning, which of the following best describes when the data page will reload? The data page automatically reloads at 9am on Tuesday. The data page reloads automatically 1 day after it was last accessed. The data page reloads on the next access after 9am on Tuesday. The data page reloads on the next access one day after it was last accessed.
The first stage of your process contains an assignment step. You need create a new custom user view with appropriate fields for this step. The quickest way to do this is via the _________. Case Designer, Settings Tab Case Designer, Data Model Tab Case Designer, Views Tab Case Designer, Workflow Tab.
What three questions can you ask to help you plan user views? (3) Will users want to see information displayed in different styles? How will users enter values into those fields? Will the information be stored in an external database? What field do users need to see? Can users modify the values or only read the values?.
You are configuring a text box for a Spouse field to appear dynamically on a user form. How do you configure the text box to display only when the user selects Married/Partnered from the Marital Status field? Configure a disable when condition on the Spouse field Configure the Spouse field to be visible when it is not blank Configure the visibility based on a required when condition for the Spouse field Configure a visible when condition expression for the Spouse field.
Which statement best represents the relationships between controls, formats, and mixins? A control specifies a mixin which defines a format A control specifies a format which uses a mixin A mixin specifies a control which defines a format A format uses a mixin that defines a control.
What does the Report Browser allow users to do? (2) Create Reports Modify Reports Delete Reports Execute Reports.
You have created a new report that contains a list of resolved expense reports by approver. Columns include Expense #, Expense Amount, Approved (Y/N), Resolution Date, Comments, and Approver ID. The finance manager wants you to display each Approver ID in a row, Beneath each approver, you must list the expenses Expense Amount, Resolution Date, Approver ID, and Comments. How do you configure the report? Filter by the Approver ID column. Summarize the Approver ID column. Sort the Approver ID column. Group by the Approver ID column.
What are two types of Report Definitions available in Pega 8? (2) Summary Detailed Table (Grid) List.
Your organization has a standard loan request report that contains columns for loan ID, loan officer, work status, and a loan creation date. A manager requests a report that includes only loans created in the previous quarter and do not have a status of New. How would you configure the report filter to support this requirement? Create two conditions: Work Status does not equal New, AND Creation Date is less than current quarter. Create two conditions: Work Condition equals New OR Creation Date does not equal Previous Quarter. Create one condition: Work status does not equal New where Creation Date is equal to Previous Quarter. Create two conditions: Work Status does not equal New, AND Creation Date is equal to Previous Quarter.
Which statement best represents the relationships between controls, formats, and mixins? A control specifies a mixin which defines a format A control specifies a format which uses a mixin A mixin specifies a control which defines a format A format uses a mixin that defines a control.
A report contains the following columns: Case ID (.pyID), Work Assignment Urgency (.pxUrgencyAssign), Policy Number (.PolicyNumber), Policy Holder (.PolicyHolder), and Case Status (.pyStatusWork). Which of the columns need to be optimized so the rule form does not produce a performance warning? (2) Case IDB Work Assignment Urgency Policy Number Policy Holder Case Status.
What two items should a developer configure before delegating a rule? (2) A separate Operator ID that has access to the delegated rules An Access Role that has access to the production ruleset An Access Group that has access to the production ruleset An unlocked ruleset added to the Application rule as a production ruleset.
Which best describes the benefit of unit testing rules? Unit testing validates a rule configuration to ensure that any dependent rules are available to the application Unit testing validates information that must be provided before the rule can be saved Unit testing identifies configuration issues that may impact application performance on a production system Unit testing identifies configuration issues that can propagate to other rules with potentially serious consequences.
Which statements best describe Case Management? (2) Case Management allows an application to coordinate different types of work performed by multiple parties to resolve the transaction. Case Management applications consist of unrelated processes performed by independent parties in an uncoordinated manner. Case Management and BPM are mutually exclusive. Case Management adds value by filling in the gaps, when asynchronous, unanticipated, or unpredictable events affect the processing of work. .
Adding Operators to a PRPC production system ________________ Is usually automated using a backend process Requires a dedicated resource to manually add all of them Is optional, since not all users accessing the system require an operator ID Is a huge migration task which has to be planned ahead of the application migration .
Consider this requirement: A manager of a car dealership company will typically access a bunch of reports to look at their sales, active quotes and performance of sales persons. In some special cases, he would like to use the system to configure the quote. Which of the following choices is best suited to support this requirement? Have the manager log out and log in as a separate operator ID that has access to creating quotes Configure the manager to have two access groups (one as a manager and one as a sales person) and switch accordingly. Build a secondary portal for the manager so he can switch to that portal to create quotes. Request a sales person to create a quote and ask them to transfer it to the manager. .
Which of the following relationships is strictly one- to- one mapping? Access group -> Portal Access group -> Application Operator ID -> Access group Operator ID -> Portal .
An Operator ID record stores information about the __________ Security settings controlling how users access the system Application to which the user has access. Role performed by this operator in the application. Workspace for the operator .
An Access group does not store information about _____________ How the users are authenticated The Application record The Primary portal for all users belonging to that group The Primary portal for all users belonging to that group The list of all users belonging to that group.
Using the Create menu we can create _____________. Any case that exist in the entire system Cases that belong to the current application in which the user is logged into. Cases that belong to the current application and all other applications to which the user has access. A new case or modify an existing case .
In a Pega 7 application built by your development team, the date format is displayed as 12/12/12. To avoid confusion, the customer wants to reformat it as 12-Dec-2012. Using Designer Studio, how would you quickly identify the record where this format is configured? Use the Application Explorer to see all the properties defined in the application Use the UI Inspector tool to identify the property Type the label of the field in the search field to find the actual rule Run a report to check all the date time fields and then check them one-by-one.
The Pega Discovery Network (PDN) is _______________? (2) Accessible to all registered users from any browser in addition it can be launched from the Designer Studio A repository containing all helpful information regarding Pega 7 application development A social network used to track the application development in terms of checkouts, etc. Accessible only from the Designer Studio using the same operator ID.
Which explorer is useful in opening a record that is shipped as part of the product? Any Explorer Records Explorer Application Explorer Private Explorer .
Which of the following requires users to logoff? The solution incorporates several case types. The solution models the management process for job applications. The solution reflects the policies and procedures for an existing process. The solution combines flows, user interfaces, properties, and decisions. .
Which of the following is NOT part of the applicant management process implemented in this course? Extend an offer to the candidate. Interview the candidate. Check the candidate’s references. Match the candidate to an open position. .
Which statements best reflect the difference between BPM and Case Management? (2) Case Management applications cannot adequately manage ad-hoc events while BPM applications can. BPM applications consist of structured, automatable processes, while Case Management applications can include manual, optional, and conditional processes. BPM applications are poorly suited to managing “ad hoc” events while Case Management applications are well-suited to managing “ad hoc” events. Only BPM allows transactions to be logged with an audit trail, identifying each action in the process and who or what performed it. .
Which statements best describe BPM? (2) With BPM, an organization establishes automated management of its processes, allowing the organization to analyze its processes to improve its overall efficiency. BPM systems only manage the process and must rely on other systems to manage other application components such as data, UI, and logic. BPM is a structured approach – one that employs methods, policies, metrics, management practices, and software tools to manage and continuously optimize processes within an organization. With BPM, business processes are manual, inconsistent, error-prone, and potentially spread out over multiple systems. .
Which of the following statements is NOT an accurate description of the solution (application) to be built in this course? The solution incorporates several case types. The solution models the management process for job applications. The solution reflects the policies and procedures for an existing process. The solution combines flows, user interfaces, properties, and decisions. .
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