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Pega - PCSA 4

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Pega - PCSA 4

Certification Pega Systeme Architect

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You want to engage business and IT resources to review the working model. What best practice helps accomplish this objective? Approval process Guardrail compliance Direct Capture Objective (DCO) Pega Cloud.
Which tow of the following are benefits of following Pega guardrails? (Select Two) Guardrails help managers create schedules for efficiently allocating developer resources. Guardrails help developers to track compliance with Pega best practices. Guardrails help developers build applications that are easier to maintain and have fewer defects. Guardrails help project managers ensure that applications are completed in time.
Adding instructions to a step ________. defines what a step should do describes to an end user what should be done in a step instructs an architect how to build the step describes the business value of the step.
When modeling the life cycle of a case, stages represent a _____ or a _____. (Select Two) subset of data used to resolve case transfer of authority single actor performing a single action significant change in the status of a case.
A Collect information step in the case life cycle sets the case status to Pending-Approval. When does the case status automatically update? At the end of the process containing the step At the end of the step Case status cannot update automatically At the beginning of the step.
When modeling the life cycle of a case, alternate stages ____ and ____. (Select Two) have manual access represent exceptions to the normal course of events represent a separate, but related business transaction can be sequenced into primary stages.
What type of step typically requires contextual instructions? Create Case Send Email Collect information Change stage.
The goal milestone in a service level defines that amount of time _____. allowed for a user to advance to the next stage in which the case or step should be completed in which the case or step must be completed allowed before an assignment is considered overdue.
The primary purpose of a service level is to ____. track assignment status over time help ensure timely completion of assignments generate service level reports assign cases to the appropriate case worker.
A parallel process is define as ____. a process that executes in the context of the current case a process that is not part of the primary flow in the case life cycle a process that executes over the same time period as other processes a process that executes in the context of another process.
Automating decisions based on business logic enables ____. architects to improve the performance of the application architects to spend less time building the application application users to focus on more nuanced decisions that require business expertise application users to mark a specific location for business exceptions that may arise in the process flow.
Conditional paths in a case life cycle are used to define ____. paths in the case life cycle that are chosen by a user at run-time or are based on run-time values subprocesses that run in the context of the current case paths in the case life cycle that are followed based on the context of a parallel case subprocesses that run in parallel with the context of the current case.
Expense report processes require travel expense assignments be routed to a specific auditor. Auditors are members of an auditing work group. How do you route the assignment to a specific user? To the user's manager To the user's work group To the user's work queue To the user.
A home loan company has home appraisal offices in various regions. Each office has a work queue. The company requires that appraisals be assigned to offices based on the home's location. For example, home appraisals for Boston are assigned to the New England office work queue. Which routing approach supports this requirement? Route the assignment based on appraiser skills. It is not possible to support this requirement. The router must define a specific work queue. Route the assignment based on a appraiser role. Route the assignment to the correct work queue based on business logic.
An application references a data element found in the Work- class. How is this rule inherited by the application? By applying directed inheritance. By naming PegaRULES as the built-on application. By adding the ruleset that contains the property to the application. By applying pattern inheritance.
You check out a rule to update it. While the rule is checked out, another developer decides to test a case type by creating and processing the case. What happens when the application attempts to use the rule you checked out? The application runs the checked-out version of the rule, because that is the most up-to-date version of the rule. The application returns an error and stops processing the case, because the rule is unavailable for use. The application cannot run because the rule is unavailable. The application ignores the checked-out version and uses the previous version in the application ruleset.
Which requirement is best implemented using a Wait step in a case? You need to pause a case until a user uploads a signed document. You cannot proceed in an expense report until a manager approves the request. You need to send an email after a user completes a form. You cannot complete a purchase case on a website unless you complete a new account subcase.
In a mortgage application, the user creates a loan request. In order for the loan request to be approved, the loan officer must receive the results of an appraisals. How would you configure the case types to reflect their relationship? Make appraisal a parent case type and loan request a child case type. Make loan request a parent case type and appraisal a child case type. Make mortgage a parent type. Make loan request and appraisal child case types. Make both loan request and appraisal peer case types.
In a online shopping application, the primary case type PurchaseOrder has two child case types: Payment and Packaging. In processing PurchaseOrder case PO-11, Payment case Pay-37 and Packaging case Pac-56 are created. Which statement about the processing of PO-11, Pay-37, and Pac-56 is correct? PO-11 can be resolved when either Pay-37 or Pac-56 is resolved. PO-11 has to resolved before either Pay-37 and Pac-56 is resolved. Both Pay-37 and Pac-56 have to be resolved before PO-11 can be resolved. Pac-56 has to be resolved before Pay-37 is resolved.
In an insurance application, a claim case records the items of loss. Given the property reference .ItemOfLost(1).Description, .ItemOfLoss is a ____. Value list Single value Page list Page.
You want to capture the delivery method for a purchase request. The options are Standard, Premium, or Next Day. You use the Data Model tab to create the property. How would you define the list with the delivery options? Picklist Field group (list) Radio button Text (paragraph).
A candidates's language skills are captured in a candidate case. What ype of property is used to capture the candidate's language skill if the property reference is .Language(Spanish)? Single value Text Value group Page.
In App Studio, when is the earliest opportunity to configure a user view for a step in a case life cycle? You can configure the user view for a step after you add that step to the case life cycle. You can configure the user view for a step any time after you configure the pick list data types. You can configure the user view for a step before you start creating the case life cycle. You can configure the user view for a step after you create the entire case life cycle.
pyWorkPage stores which type of information? Information about a case. Information about the current operator. Data cached from an outside system. Information about the Pega server.
You use the Clipboard tool to perform which two tasks? (Select Two) Review the current values of case data. Test case behavior by setting property values for an open case. Test whether a declarative expression properly calculates a target value. Test a rule to determine whether the rule executes correctly.
You have added a page list property named Dependents to a view in the Case Designer. This page list contains the property .Relationship. You want to display the list in the view and populate a field with the default value of Not Applicable. How do you configure the pySetFieldDefaults data transform ti meet this requirement? Set Not Applicable to equal .Dependents(1).Relationship Set .Dependents(1).pyLabel to an empty string and a parameter named Not Applicable Set .Dependents(1).Relationship to Not Applicable Set .Dependents(1).pyLabel and a comment action using the value Not Applicable.
In which two of the following situations would you use a data transform? (Select Two) Create properties after the case has been created. Copy data from one page yo another. Execute a flow action. Set default values when creating a case.
The case type hierarchy in your insurance application consists of three case types: Claim (top level). Personal injury (subcase type of Claim), and Emergency Care (subcase type of Personal Injury). In the Claim case type, a data transform sets the claim date and work urgency. To reduce maintenance, you do not want to set in each subcase the properties that were already set in the parent data transforms. However, you want to set work urgency to different values in each subcase type. What two configuration steps would you take to meet this requirement? (Select Two) In each subcase type data transform, set the work urgency to the required value. In the Claims data transform for each subcase type, configure an Update Page action and set the work urgency value. Select the Call superclass data transform option in each of the subcase type data transforms. Select the Call superclass data transform option in the Claims data transform and clear the option in the Personal injury and Emergency Care data transforms.
You are configuring a declarative network that contains eleven declare expressions to calculate the interest rate for a home mortgage. For example, the target value Property Tax Assessment is used as a source value when calculating the Assessed Property Value. The declare expressions use target values from other expressions to calculate their target values. The field that displays the interest rate appears on the approval form. To improve performance, how can you reduce the number of calculation? Calculate the total interest rate value by adding all the declare expression target property values. Specify whenever used in the total interest rate declare expression. Apply the declare expression in the approval flow action. Specify Property Tax Assessment as trigger event in the declare expression that calculates the total interest rate value.
In a purchase order application, you have been asked to add an order total field that is used on multiple forms in the application. You want to make sure that whenever the input values change, the order total changes on all the forms. Which two of the following are reasons would you choose to use a declare expression rather than a data transform to calculate the value?. (Select Two) The system monitors input properties and determines when to update the target property value. A declare expression updates the total value on all the form when any form containing the field is submitted. When updating a property that is calculated you do not need to identify every calculation that updates any of the source values and manually recalculate them. A declare expression calculates a specific value that is used on multiple forms.
You are designing a travel plan application. A hotel booking step displays a form in which users select a hotel and enter their check-in and check-out dates. The application calculates and then displays the cost for the hotel room. The form also includes fields to select options such as valet parking at an extra cost. The application totals the cost for any selected options and adds that amount to the total room cost to equal the grand total, which is displayed in a field. Which two of the following properties would you use as the target properties?. (Select Two) Total cost of options Process of each option Total cost for the hotel room Number of days at the hotel.
You have a requirement to add a bank routing number field to a view. Routing numbers must contain nine digits. How would you configure the field to support this requirement? Use an edit validate rule that validates the routing number pattern. In an edit validate rule, configure a function to test for a routing number pattern. Use a decimal property type and make the field required. Set the minimum and maximum values to 9 in a text field.
You are adding a field to your case type in which users must enter the day, month, and year they were hired before the user can submit the user form. The field type must enforce a date format. What two validation approaches would you use to meet the validation requirements?. (Select Two) Use the read-only option Define the field type as a date Add the word Required to the field label Use the Required option.
A company establishes a deadline to respond to customer inquiries. During the month of June, an increase in customer inquiries lengthens the average response time per inquiry beyond the established deadline. To address the issue, the company decides to lengthen the deadline until the end of August. How do you satisfy this requirement? Circumstance the process using the Property and Date option, and specify a start date and end date for the case creation date. Circumstance the service level using the Template option, and create a circumstance definition with the start date and end date for the extended deadline. Circumstance the property used to record the due date for addressing the inquiry, and specify a start date and end date for the extended deadline. Circumstance the service level using the Property and Date option, and specify a start date and end date for the extended deadline.
When using Validate rules, we can invoke ______________. (Select Two) A section rule Another validation rule A flow action rule A message rule.
Edit Validate rules are referenced by ________________. A flow action A property The properties panel for a field A control .
We have the following requirement: The user name entered must not already be in use, and should not exceed 10 characters. Which one of the following choices is the best way to address this requirement? A Validate rule for the first condition and an Edit Validate for the second A Validate rule for the first condition which calls another Validate rule which has the second condition since a Validate rule cannot specify different conditions for the same field An Edit Validate rule that verifies both these conditions A single Validate rule to verify both these conditions.
Which one of the following requirements should not be handled in an Edit Validate rule? Make sure the address field is not empty Check if the unit price is not negative Check if the zip code conforms to the US postal code standard Check if the telephone number contains the international access code.
Which of the following controls would be most suitable when selecting from a very small set of options? (Select Two) Autocomplete Checkbox Modal Dialog Radio Buttons.
Which of the following configuration options are available for radio buttons but not for dropdowns and autocomplete? (Select Two) Placeholder Style Orientation Items per column/row.
Which of the following is NOT a valid option for the autocomplete control? Display best bets Highlight match Placeholder Orientation.
When a Modal Dialogs is launched from a control it references which of the following rule type? Flow action Harness Activity Flow.
Where can you find configuration examples of UI components? Process Modeler UI Gallery Live UI tool Design Canvas.
The DropDown and AutoComplete controls can be sourced: (Select Three) As defined on a property Using a data page A clipboard page Other.
Which of the following can be used for client-side validation? (Select Two) Data Transform Property data type When rule Form Controls.
A __________ can be used to limit the length of submitted data? Validate rule A property rule or a form control Constraint rule When condition rule.
Validating user input against a range of values is best accomplished: Using the “Display and Validation” settings on the property Setting the “Min/Max chars” values on the property Setting the “Min/Max chars” value on the form control Using a Validate rule.
Using the Create menu we can create _____________. A new case or modify an existing case Cases that belong to the current application and all other applications to which the user has access. Any case that exists in the entire system Cases that belong to the current application in which the user is logged into.
Which explorer is useful in opening a record that is shipped as part of the product? Any explorer Records Explorer Private Explorer Application Explorer .
Which of the following requires users to log out? Switching to a different access group Creating a case Opening an end user portal Switching to a different operator .
The two components of a guardrail are ________________. (Select Two) Performance impact Maintainability score Warning type Severity level .
The three levels of severity are ___________________. (Choose Three) Critical Alert Caution Moderate Severe Info.
Two application development best practices are ______________________. (Choose Two) Always create new rules Don’t duplicate logic Use inheritance Only update specifications at the end of the project .
By default, case data is written to which page? pyWorkData pyDefault pyWorkPage pyCaseData.
The “context” of a property can be described as the _______________________. Source of the property value Property mode Page that contains the property and its value Type of data the property can store .
Which of the following is not a valid use of a data transform? To set a default value for a property when creating a case To copy data between pages in memory To copy a value from one property to another To create a property after a case has been created .
A property named “.foo” can only exist once within each ________________ Case type modeled by the application Page in memory Application Each property in a case is unique to the page upon which it is defined.
Data Propagation is used to automatically copy values from a parent case to a subcase. True False.
When are values copied from a parent case to a subcase? Whenever a parent’s value is changed. When a sibling case’s value has changed. When the subcase is created. When a data transform is used to configure the data propagation.
To use conditional logic to determine which data should be propagated you need to use a _________. data page property mapper data transform data class.
________ are the building blocks of an application. Rules Processes Cases Classes.
A class is a _______ for rules. model parent form container.
As you move down the class structure rules get more ______. Generic Universal Global Specialized.
Given the following work party roles, which role would best represent the person that creates a case? Manager Operator Interested Originator.
Which of the following is not a use of work parties? Integrations Sending email Routing Sending escalation notices .
Which of the following flow shapes can be used to send an automatic correspondence? (Select Three) Utility Send Email smart shape Assignment Integrator.
______ represent the data that is defined when properties are created in the data model. Progress metrics Business metrics Process metrics Time metrics .
___________ are statistics automatically tracked by Pega. Progress metrics Business metrics Process metrics Time metrics .
When data is entered in an application it is initially stored in __________. a local file a database the clipboard a BLOB.
Where are routing rules referenced? On the assignment to be routed On a connector leading to the assignment to be routed On the Route Case start shape On the shape prior to the assignment to be routed .
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