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Pega - PCSA 7

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Pega - PCSA 7

Pega - PCSA 7

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Which of the following are examples of a specification? (Choose Two) System needs to have 2-3 seconds screen to screen interaction Collect employee information The Name field cannot exceed 100 characters Hiring manager can assign assets to an employee.
Which of the following are examples of a requirement? (Choose Two) System shall support two-digit version numbers System needs to have 2-3 seconds screen to screen interaction Collect employee information Employees can select benefits.
A system architect interacts with specifications by ___________ them . (Choose Two) deleting updating creating implementing.
List two advantages of keeping specifications up to date. (Choose Two) Helps to reduce scope creep Helps to limit any surprise requirements or implementation Increases the performance of the application Helps limit guardrail warnings.
What are two possible consequences of not following the best practices of developing with Pega 7? (Choose Two) You incur increased development time Your application is highly performant Your application contains incorrectly implemented features You create an easily maintainable application.
The two components of a guardrail are? (Choose Two) Warning type Performance impact Maintainability score Severity level.
The three levels of severity are? (Choose Three) Critical Info Moderate Severe Caution.
There are only three warning types for guardrails.  True False.
Two ways to limit the size of reference data received from a database include ________________. (Choose Two) Use stored procedures in your database. Using a filter in a report definition. Mapping only the columns your application needs in the Database Table Class Mapping tool. Map all columns to properties.
Property names created from the Database Table Class Mapping tool do not need to conform to property naming best practices.  True False.
When accessing an external database the best practice is to use a _______. (Choose One) Database Table Class Mapping Tool Report definition Stored Procedure SQL Connector.
When creating correspondence records, which of the following is the most likely issue caused by using inline styles or scripts? (Choose One) Security vulnerabilities Lack of reusability Maintenance and update difficulties Unintended behavior.
Why should you never justify a logic conflict in a decision table or decision tree? (Choose One) Logic conflicts can cause runtime errors Logic conflicts are harder to maintain and keep track of A decision table or tree with a logic conflict cannot be saved and used The returned result may be inconsistent or unexpected.
The value in the short description field should only be meaningful for the developer.  True False.
Which of the following are goals for designing a data model? (Choose Two) Define data classes without regards to the work being done in the case. Create a model that only makes sense for business users. Create a model that is intuitive to architects and business users. Create reusable entities that can be used by other applications.
Which of the following is a good use of a data table? (Choose One) You have a small set of reference data that does not change very often. You want to create a table that represents business logic. You have a large amount of reference data that you need to use in your application. You have unstructured data with no unique identifier.
Which reload strategy would you use if you need to conditionally refresh the data based on properties in your application? (Choose one) Never refresh data Do not reload when Reload if older than Reload once per Interaction.
Which of the following statements is incorrect? (Choose One) Draft mode can contain references to other rules that are not complete. You should never use draft mode when testing your application. Draft mode flows will run in a production environment. All errors are suppressed when the flow is in draft mode.
Pega recommends no more than seven shapes be used in any given flow. True False.
What is the maximum number of connectors Pega recommends with flow actions? (Choose One) 3 7 5 2.
You cannot create a report using a non-optimized property.  True False.
Which phase of creating a report would you determine who is going to use the report? (Choose One) Edit Iterate Think Plan .
Which phase of creating a report would you have end users look at the report you have created? (Choose One) Plan Edit Iterate Think.
Which phase of creating a report would you determine what chart type to use? (Choose One) Think Plan Iterate Edit.
When we add fields in the Add Fields dialog, which type of rule is not created? (Choose One) Control Property Section Any necessary embedded data class.
We need to display a list of currencies for the user to select, however the selection should save the currency code and not the label used in the list. Which of the following is the best choice? (Choose One) Use the prompt list option in the property to store both the currency code and currency labels. Use a local list in the property to provide the list of currency and then lookup the code after selection. This requires a custom control which can use different properties for display and for value. Hardcode these values directly in the control using the properties panel.
Which control is not associated with a property? (Choose One) Button Radiobutton Checkbox Rich text area.
Which of the following statements regarding controls are correct? (Choose One) A control cannot be specified on the property rule. Control that is referenced in the section does not override the control defined in the property. Control can be referenced in the cell of a layout only when the property does not reference a control. By default, the control that is referenced in the property applies wherever the property is added.
A control cannot be used to _______________. (Choose One) Limit the maximum number of characters entered in a text box Format values when the field is selected to display as read-only Dynamically change from a textbox to drop-down based on a condition Format property if the values are received from an external system.
Which of the following provides a declarative form or property validation? (Choose One) Constraint Declare Expression Declare OnChange Validate.
Which of the declarative rules do not establish a dependency on specific properties? (Choose Two) Declare Trigger Declare Index Declare Expressions Declare OnChange Data Page Constraints.
Declarative rules can be evaluated by the end user when needed to satisfy certain conditions.  True False.
Which of the following statements is true of declarative rules? (Choose One) Declarative rules must specify the order in which to run In general, no other rules explicitly reference declarative rules. Declarative rules require a corresponding activities to execute Declarative rules must be explicitly called.
The primary purpose of a service level is to ______. (Choose One) Assign cases to the appropriate case worker Generate service level reports Track assignment status over time Help ensure timely completion of assignments.
Which statement best describes how milestone urgency values are used? (Choose One) When a milestone is reached, the assignment’s urgency value is checked. If it is greater than the specified milestone urgency value, the Escalation Action is triggered. When a milestone is reached, the specified urgency value is added to the assignment’s current urgency value. When a milestone is reached, the assignment’s urgency value is set to the specified urgency value in that milestone. When a milestone is reached, the assignment’s current value is checked. If it is less than the milestone urgency value, it is adjusted to the milestone urgency value otherwise, it remains the same.
Select the statement that best describes how to use the Escalation Action option in a Service Level. (Choose One) Escalation Actions can only be invoked when an Urgency value is provided. You can only have one Escalation Action per milestone. You can use as many Escalation Actions as are needed in each milestone. Escalation actions are limited to sending email notifications, transferring work to other users, or invoking escalation flows.
The most appropriate rule for recording simple yes/no business policies is a ______. (Choose One) Decision Tree rule Decision Table rule Constraint rule When condition rule.
When you delegate a rule to a user, it means that user ____________.(Choose One) Is responsible for making that decision each time a case reaches that decision step Must approve or reject changes to the cases in the flow Is responsible for creating that rule Can change the rule as required outside of the normal development release cycle .
Automating policy-based decisions allows ________________. (Choose One) Business users to spend less time at work Business users to focus on more nuanced decisions that require business expertise System performance increases System architects to spend less time building applications.
Which decision rule is most appropriate when the value of one property determines what other properties must be evaluated? (Choose One) Constraint Decision Table When Decision Tree.
Which of the following is NOT a type of documentation produced by the Document wizard? (Choose One) Specification Document Application Profile Entity Relationship Document Application Document.
(True or False) An Entity Relationship Diagram represents the relationship between UI rules and the underlying process. False True.
External content can be uploaded to PRPC to be included in application documentation.  False True.
A system architect is responsible for producing which type of documentation? (Choose One) Specification Document Application Document Application Profile Process Review Document.
Which selection best describes when should we document an application? (Choose One) Once we need to train end users. After all specifications have been implemented. Only after we complete the application. At every significant development milestone.
Creating reusable UI sections allow you to ______________. (Choose two) Share a common set of data elements across multiple screens Be inconsistent in UI structure and layout Build applications that are scalable and extensible Increase maintenance requirements and chances for errors.
Which of the following are important factors when designing for reusability? (Choose three) Naming conventions Documentation The “Applies To” class Knowing how many developers will be working on the project.
What is the most appropriate “Applies To” class for a section that contains data elements related to a data class? (Choose One) The ORG-Application-Data-<ClassName> that contains the data elements The ORG-Application class The ORG-Application-Work-<CaseTypeName> class where the section will be used The ORG-Application-Work class.
Flow Actions should be applied to ______________. (Choose all that apply) ORG-Application-Work ORG-Application-Data ORG-Application-Int ORG-Application-Work-<CaseType>.
Which of the following rules can have the layouts embedded in it? (Choose One) Harness Sections Flow actions Controls.
Which of the following statements are true about dynamic layouts? (Choose Two) Can orient labels on top of the fields A set of standard formats are supplied, and additional formats can be created as needed Must be used only when the application is deployed in various form factors Useful in dynamically altering the content at runtime.
Which of the following are key benefits in using dynamic layouts over other layouts? (Choose Two) Support nesting layouts Localization – layouts offer ability to render data elements in various languages Alignment – displaying labels next to field is not possible in other layouts Responsiveness – layout can be configured to switch to a different format in a different form factor.
Which of the following rule contains the configuration information about layouts? (Choose One) Skin Harness Flow actions Sections.
A dynamic layout can be saved as a _______ so it can be used in other rules. (Choose One) Layout rule Layout template Free form layout Section.
Which of the following statements is true regarding which rules can be delegated? (Choose One) Flow rules cannot be delegated Only Service Level and When rules can be delegated Any rule can be delegated Only decision-type rules can be delegated.
Delegating business rules can ________________. (Choose three) Help increase the workload for system architects Promote an agile response to constantly changing business conditions Provide a level of empowerment to business users Be self-sustaining if appropriate documentation and training is provided.
Delegated business rules can be managed _____________. (Choose One) only in a Development environment only in a Production environment only in an Authoring environment in any type of environment.
Which repeating layout is used to display hierarchical relationships in a spreadsheet format? (Choose One) Dynamic Tree Grid Tree Grid.
When creating repeating layouts the underlying structure must either be __________. (Choose Two) Page Page group Page list Java arrays.
Which of the following statements about filtering the contents of a repeating layout are correct? (Choose One) Sorting is applied only on text or numeric fields Pagination in general impacts the performance Filtering hides the results from the clipboard Progressive pagination impacts performance at runtime.
Which of the following statements are correct when we add a repeating layout from the layout palette? (Choose Two) The grid overwrites any existing layout We can specify any icons (such as add or delete) that appear in the layout during creation We can configure the layout as a grid or any other type. We must configure the source of the data.
Which use case could be satisfied by implementing an optional process? (Choose One) Reassign any task that remains open after three days to another user. Allow a user to transfer a case to another employee at any stage of the case. Requiring a separate approval process whenever an order exceeds 10,000 USD. An application randomly sends a survey to customers once their case is resolved.
Which of the following statements about optional processes is most accurate? (Choose One) Optional processes are available only to operators who have manager access. An optional process can be added to a specific assignment. An optional process can be triggered declaratively. An optional process is available only in the stage on which it is specified.
An optional process is configured for a stage. This optional process can be run __________________________. (Choose one) Only once per case Only after all of the steps in the stage have been completed Anytime the case is in the stage Only until any step in the stage has been completed.
Which of the following types of information is NOT provided in the New Application wizard? (Choose One) Business objective Case name Requirement Application name.
Once we complete the New Application wizard, where in PRPC can we locate most of the information provided while running the wizard? (Choose One) The New Application wizard, which can be re-opened in Review mode. The Home page. The Application Overview page. The information is not available once the wizard completes.
Which individual is typically responsible for using the New Application wizard? (Choose One) Lead System Architect. Business Analyst. System Architect. Anyone can run the wizard for any project.
Which of the following is an example of a dynamic user interface? (Choose One) Refresh the section periodically at scheduled intervals Conditionally hide or display a part of the user interface based on a property value Hide or display the flow action on a condition Calculate the sub total and total based on a changed value.
If we want to make Layout B visible only when the user has selected a checkbox in Layout A, where do we set the Visible When condition? (Choose One) On layout B On the flow action rule On layout A On the Action Set defined for the chec kbox.
What tool is available to help configure scenarios when a target should be refreshed based on more than one controlling field? (Choose One) Expression builder Refresh action Responsive UI Embedded sections.
Which of the following statements is incorrect in terms of having multiple values in it? (Choose One) The controlling field can have any number of actions associated to an event. The controlling field can have any number of events configured. The controlling field can use multiple control rules. The controlling field can affect any number of controlled fields.
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