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Pega - PCSA 9

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A skin ______________________. (2) defines a feature set for UI defines responsive behavior and formatting create and maintains a consistent group of styles creates consistent imaging for end users.
Associate the following terms to the description that best describes them. Typography Background Border Combination.
How do you prevent the Create View form from showing during case creation? Check Hide create view in the system settings tab in App Studio under Behavior Check Skip create view in the system settings tab in App Studio under Behavior Check Turn off create view in the system settings tab in App Studio under Behavior None of the above.
What three questions can you ask to help plan user views? (3) Will users want to see information displayed in different styles? How will users enter values into those fields? Will the information be stored in an external database? What field do users need to see? Can users modify the values or only read the values?.
Associate the following terms to the description that best describes them. General Layouts Controls Reports.
A developer should ask the following questions when creating a skin. (2) Can you inherit a different control? Will you inherit styles from another skin? Can you inherit styles from existing mixins? Can you inherit a different format?.
You are configuring a text box for a Spouse field to appear dynamically on a user form. How do you configure the text box to display only when the user selects Married / Partnered from the Marital Status field? Configure a disable when condition on the Spouse field Configure the Spouse field to be visible when it is not blank Configure the visibility based on a required when condition for the Spouse field Configure a visible when condition expression for the Spouse field.
An Action Set consists an event, action and ____________. Condition Why rule Restriction Action Set.
Associate the following terms to the description that best describes them. Dynamic UI Situation Layer Cake Responsive UI Channel.
Which statement is NOT an event, action model? Button Click, Modal window opens New calculated value is greater than available budget, a warning appears Customers gets an email, account is overdrawn Check box is selected, additional required information displayed.
What is your first consideration when configuring a dynamic display ? First identify the mixin which will dynamically show and hide First identify the window that you want to dynamically show and hide First identify the skin that you want dynamically show and hide First identify the UI element target that will dynamically show and hide.
What portal has a component to test responsive UI? Dev Studio Admin Studio Work Manager App Studio.
When working with dynamic UI for a table what other configurations can be changed to make more prominent information remain in view? The importance of the mixin The importance of the column The importance of the row The importance of the Grid.
A section is made up of at least one _________________? Section Container Layout Table.
Dynamic UI is event based. What are two types of events for dynamic UI to work in Pega ? (2) Property based events User based events System based events Channel based events.
Which statement is true about guardrail warnings ? There will be no effect of guardrail warning on the application The compliance score will increase by the same amount whether you justify or resolve a warning We can develop the application quickly if we ignore guardrail warnings. Guardrails are nothing but best practices. Hence, we build a better application if we justify / resolve guardrail warnings.
Which statements below are true about the Situational Layer Cake : (2) Makes reusing between products, channels and regions Forces you to use application rules in only one area of your application Organize your application to reflect the critical dimensions of your business Variant rules are created without the need for a base rule.
Reports can be used by the following in Pega? (3) Dashboard Dropdown Data Page Data Display.
What prerequisites are needed for an end user to be able to create reports in Production. (2) An unlocked Rule Set The Analytics role Access to the App Studio Access Group granting access to the Application to be reported on.
imagen Consider this business use case: To place an online order, a customer provides their personal details such as full name and address. The customer can search for,and select items to order. After the order is placed, it is processed by the Accounts Payable department. The order is then sent to the Fulfillment center where the order items are packaged and shipped to the customer. The customer may cancel the order at any time. Now consider this case life cycle design: valid because they represent a transfer of the case from one part of the organization to another valid because the names used to describe the stages do not use a verb+noun naming convention not valid because there are not at least 5 primary stages not valid because the Cancellation stage should be part of the primary flow.
In a Job Recruitment application, business needs to schedule interviews for candidates who meet passing requirements. Each interview must be tracked from interview date/time to resolution date/time for quality control purposes. The status of interview can change from New, Open-Scheduled, Open-InProgress, Resolved-Rejected, and Resolved-Approved. What are the new records are essential for this application? (3) A field for interview date/time A Wait shape to hold processing until interview is completed A case type A view to capture scheduling information A service level to ensure timely resolution.
An application allows employees to submit expense report on a weekly basis. Expense reports must be approved by both employee's manager and audited by finance. The tasks may be completed in any order, but both must be approved for payment to be made. How do you configure the approvals in the application. Configure cascading approval process based on user reporting structure Configure a case-wide optional process for each approval process Configure parallel processes for each set of required steps Configure cascading approval process based on an authority matrix.
Match each service record type to the correct role in processing an incoming request Services Listener Service Rule Service Activity.
You need to read from an external database table containing inventory data. Which two ways could you integrate with the table? (Select Two) Use a SQL connector Use a SQL Listener Use a data transform Map the table to a class.
While testing a form, you need to verify the contents of a data page in memory. Which tool do you use to view the current contents of the data page? Live UI The Tracer The Data Explorer The Clipboard tool.
Match each data page scope to its use case. Node Thread Requestor.
When modeling the life cycle of a case, stages represent a _____ or a _____. (Select Two) subset of data used to resolve case transfer of authority single actor performing a single action significant change in the status of a case.
When modeling the life cycle of a case, alternate stages ____ and ____. (Select Two) have manual access represent exceptions to the normal course of events represent a separate, but related business transaction can be sequenced into primary stages.
In an insurance application, a claim case records the items of loss. Given the property reference .ItemOfLost(1).Description, .ItemOfLoss is a ____. Value list Single value Page list Page.
A candidates's language skills are captured in a candidate case. What ype of property is used to capture the candidate's language skill if the property reference is .Language(Spanish)? Single value Value group Page Text.
The case type hierarchy in your insurance application consists of three case types: Claim (top level). Personal injury (subcase type of Claim), and Emergency Care (subcase type of Personal Injury). In the Claim case type, a data transform sets the claim date and work urgency. To reduce maintenance, you do not want to set in each subcase the properties that were already set in the parent data transforms. However, you want to set work urgency to different values in each subcase type. What two configuration steps would you take to meet this requirement? (Select Two) In each subcase type data transform, set the work urgency to the required value. In the Claims data transform for each subcase type, configure an Update Page action and set the work urgency value. Select the Call superclass data transform option in each of the subcase type data transforms. Select the Call superclass data transform option in the Claims data transform and clear the option in the Personal injury and Emergency Care data transforms.
James is working on an "Online Banking" application to configure a case type named "New Credit Card". Customer logs into the self-service portal and submits a new credit card request. Customer has an option to modify the request within 24hours, before the case moves to the Review process. How can the above requirement be accomplished? Configure a step, until the customer modifies the request Configure a wait step, until the case reached to the specific status Configure a wait step, before the Review process specifying how long the case should pause Configure a wait step, after the Review process specifying how long the case should pause.
There are 2 case types : Event Booking and Hotel Booking in an Event Management application. the Hotel Booking case is a child case for the Event Booking case. How can you guarantee that Event Booking is not completed until Hotel Booking is resolved? (2) Use the Wait Shape Create a dependency with pyWorkPage Use Resolved-Completed as the dependency Check the wait for child selection in the Create case.
A data page is used to store the list of previous orders for a customer. If a customer is allowed to place multiple orders within a session, what should the scope be? Thread Requestor The scope is irrelevant Node.
HOTSPOT A door manufacturer offers a finite list of colors on all its doors. As part of the order, customers can select the color of the door. Select the data page definition configuration settings to source a color drop-down list to minimize memory usage. Structure Object Type Edit Mode Scope.
Select each Application Design Requirement on the left and drag it to the appropriate Design Approach on the right Display only relevant fields for a given task Record the justification for an action taken on a case Help the user perform an expected task Alert the user of a pending assignment.
How do you reference the state property on an Address page group with the index Home? .Address.Home.State .Address(Home).State .Home.State.Address .Home(Address).State.
You are configuring a declarative network that contains eleven declare expressions to calculate the interest rate for a home mortgage. For exemple, the target value Property Tax Assessment is used as a source value when calculating the Assessed Property Value. The declare expressions use target values from other expressions to calculate their target values. The field that displays the interest rate appears on the approval form. To improve performance, how can you reduce the number of calculations? Apply the declare expression in the approval flow action Calculate the total interest rate value by adding all the declare expression target property values. Specify Property Tax Assessment as trigger event in the declare expression that calculates the total interest rate value Specify whenever used in the total interest rate declare expression.
In a purchase order application, you have been asked to add an order total field that is used on multiple forms in the application. You want to make sure that whenever the input values change, the order total changes on all the forms. Which two of the following are reasons would you choose to use a declare expression rather than a data transform to calculate the value? (2) The system monitors input properties and determines when to update the target property value A declare expression updates the total value on all the forms when any form containing the field is submitted When updating a property that is calculated, you do not need to identify every calculation that updates any of the source values and manually recalculate them A declare expression calculates a specific value that is used on multiple forms.
In App Studio, when is the earliest opportunity to configure a user view for a step in a case life cycle? you can configure the user view for a step before you start creating the case life cycle you can configure the user view for a step after you create the entire case life cycle you can configure the user view for a step any time after you configure the pick list data types you can configure the user view for a step after add that step to the case life cycle.
pyWorkPage stores which type of information? Information about a case Data cached from an outside system Information about the current operator Information about the Pega server.
You use the Clipboard tool to perform which two tasks? Test whether a declarative expression property calculates a target value Test case behavior by setting property values for an open case Review the current values of case data Test a rule to determine whether the rule executes correctly.
Conditional paths in a case life cycle are used to define subprocesses that run in the context of the current case subprocesses that run in parallel with the context of the current case paths in the case life cycle that are followed based on the context of a parallel case paths in the case life cycle that are chosen by a user at run-time or are based on run-time values.
Expense report processes require travel expense assignments be routed to a specific auditor. Auditors are members of an auditing work group. How do you route the assignment to a specific user? To the user To the user's work queue To the user's work group To the users's manager.
An application references a data element found in the Work-class. How is this rule inherited by the application? By applying directed inheritance By naming PegaRULES as the built-on application By applying pattern inheritance By adding the ruleset that contains the property to the application.
Which requirements is best implemented using a Wait step in a case? You need to send an email after a user completes a form You can not proceed in an expense report until a manager approves the request You can not complete a purchase case on a website unless you complete a new account subcase You need to pause a case until a user uploads a signed document.
In a mortgage application, the user creates a loan request. In order for the loan request to be approved, the loan officer must receive the results of an appraisal. How would you configure the case types to reflect their relationship? Make mortgage a parent case type. Make loan request an appraisal child case types Make appraisal a parent case type and loan request a child case type Make both loan request and appraisal peer case types Make loan request a parent case type and appraisal a child case type.
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