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Each appender records events that match or exceed the specified logging level to a corresponding file log. The PEGA appender records system events such as errors, while the ALERT appender records events that affect performance. (True or False) True False.
A user reports that your application requires more than 10 seconds to load and display the contents of a form. The performance threshold for displaying the contents of a form is one second. Which option allows you to determine the cause of the performance issue experienced by the user? (Choose One) The Clipboard tool The PEGA log The Tracer tool The My Alerts display.
A SECU0006 alert is generated with the message PRPC detected excessive failed login attempts for the user:XXXX from IP: Brute force attack prevention measures were invoked. What three pieces of information do the alert ID and message provide? (Choose Three) The alert type The requestor type It is a performance-related alert A description of the alert It is a security-related alert.
A Declare Onchange activity can call or branch to other activities, but only if they have an activity type of _______. Rule Connect Onchange Assign Activity.
Applicants must attach four different files to their passport application: a PDF of a completed application form, a scan of a birth certificate or social security card, a scan of a valid photographic identification, and a scan of a recent photograph. One file of each type must be attached to advance the case to an agent for review and approval. An authorized passport agent can review all attachments only. How many attachment categories do you create to satisfy this requirement? Two attachment categories, one for application form PDFs and one for scanned documents None, you can use the out-of-the-box PDF and Scanned document attachment categories Four attachment categories, one for each file type One attachment category for all passport application-related files.
Which are two principles of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? (Choose Two) Ensure data integrity and confidentiality Share personal data without restriction Process data transparently Maximize personal data collection.
What are two benefits of data encryption? (Choose Two) Data encryption maintains data integrity. Data encryption provides security for data while being stored and transported. Data encryption improves data access time. Data encryption reduces data storage complexity.
As a developer for an online shopping application, you decide to encrypt credit card details that customers enter in an order case type. Which data encryption approach do you choose to encrypt the data? Property level Application level Case level Class level.
As a developer for a banking application, you configure a client-based access control (CBAC) rule that has four properties with personally identifiable information: Account ID, Name, Phone number, and Email. Which privilege do you select so that a customer can change their email but cannot delete it? Erase data Rectify data Read data Access data.
Which three service protocols are available in the Pega Service Wizard? (Choose Three) SOAP HTTP IOTP JAVA REST.
You can call any of the Pega API services by using ___________. a data transform out of the box Pega rules SOAP web services standard HTTP methods.
Which two of the following operations are directly supported with the Pega API? (Choose Two) Create a new case. Access data from a data page. Update a decision table. Add a property to a data class.
Which of the following allows you to write all errors that are detected when loading a data page to a log file? (Choose One) Invoke the error handler from the post-processing activity in a data page. Use an existing function in the error handling data transform. Use the error handling flow. Use a transition condition.
An error is generated when a connector invokes a remote service. Which of the following is an example of a transient error? (Choose One) The request is sent to the wrong system. The total of a returned order is incorrectly calculated. The service does not understand the request format. The service is running on a system that is temporarily unavailable.
Which action do you take to address an immediate need to return a response from an invoked service? (Choose One) Use the response data transform for errors not detected in data pages. Use the LiveUI tool to detect and display errors in the data page. Configure an email that is automatically sent to the user and describes the technical details of the error. Display an error message and write the error to the log file.
Which two statements about Application Settings are true? (Choose Two) You do not need to apply a release to update an Application Setting. You can access the Application Settings by calling D_pxGetApplicationSettingValue. You can use Application Settings to store references to an external systems connected to an application. You should not use Application settings to configure a connector.
You are building a web service connector for an application. The configuration values for the endpoint URLs change between staging and production phases. What is the best configuration to ensure that these values update between development phases? Create two application versions, one for staging and one for production, using the correct endpoint URL values. Configure a When rule to update the endpoint URL values as the production phase changes. Configure a data transform to update the endpoint URL values as the production phase changes. Create new Application Settings that contain the configuration settings for the endpoint URLs for the staging and production phases. .
A service processes an inbound request and returns the appropriate data. (True or False) True False.
A connector can be directly referenced from __________ and __________? (Choose Two) Data Pages Flows Activities Data Transforms.
A connector requests data from an external data source. (True or False) True False.
When users select the model of their vehicle, the application displays the specifications for the model. There are hundreds of vehicle model requests per day and the vehicle model information is only updated once a month. Which is the best implementation for this use case? (Choose One) Create a keyed data page with vehicle information. Create a vehicle information data page for each vehicle model. Create a parameterized vehicle information data page which loads the desired vehicle information. Configure a keyed data page that allows mutliple pages per key.
Which statement best describes the benefit of keyed access for a data page? (Choose One) Eliminates unnecessary steps from the case life cycle. Consolidates data pages by referencing multiple types of objects from a single data page. Improves application performance by minimizing the amount of data on the clipboard. Improves application performance by reducing exchanges with a system of record.
Which of the following validation requirements must you satisfy with an edit validate rule? (Choose One) A support request must include a product number, issue type, and description. A user must enter the security code for a credit card, which is exactly three digits long. A user must enter a valid date within a 120-year range. An insurance quote requires a user to enter an operator license number in the correct format.
A developer has collected baseline readings for a flow action in the system via Performance Analyzer. A change comes in later on in the sprint in the same flow action. The developer collects the Performance Analyzer readings again for that Flow Action. What could the comparison of the new and previous readings point to? (Choose One) Negative performance change Positive performance change No performance change Positive or negative performance change.
DB Trace is best suited to diagnose a performance issue in which two of the following environments? (Choose Two) Development Staging Production Mirror Production.
The Performance Profiler is used to identify a step of a data transform that might have a performance issue. (True or False) True False.
Which three of the following service purposes can the Service Wizard configure? (Choose Three) Generate reports and manage report definitions Manage users and security profiles Process input or output data Create and manage work Invoke existing activity rules.
Which two of the following statements are the most accurate with respect to the error handler flow? (Choose Two) The error handler flow is the recommended way to handle all integration errors. The standard connector error handler flow can help recover from transient errors. The error handler flow is invoked if the error is not handled elsewhere. The standard error handler flow is final and cannot be customized.
Which of the following use cases is best implemented by configuring a keyed data page that allows multiple pages per key? (Choose One) A telecommunication provider displays a list of available plans to the customer based on zip code. Thousands of customers per day view the details of the selected plan to learn more about the specifications of each plan. The available plans change quarterly. An online shopping application displays the list of available products. A list of selected products is displayed to the customer before proceeding with the payment process. In a Purchase Order case, the billing address must be copied to shipping address when the user selects the Same as billing address check box. A stock purchase case requires that the real-time currency exchange rates display when a user selects a stock for purchase.
You create an edit validate rule to ensure that users enter a valid serial number for products. Which two options can you configure to ensure that the edit validate rule is applied during case processing? (Choose Two) Apply the edit validate rule to the appropriate case stage. Reference the edit validate rule on the case type rule. Reference the edit validate rule from the property rule for the serial number field. Configure a validate rule to call the edit validate rule when submitting the appropriate form.
Which one of the following security scenarios do Configuration settings support? (Choose One) A manager can write and delete Configuration settings where a user can only read Configuration settings. A client can view their personally-identifying information. A user who is assigned Top Secret clearance can write and delete Configuration settings, while a user who is assigned Secret clearance can only read Configuration settings. A user can enter an address in the shipping address field only if the user first selects a shipping type from a radio button list.
In which two scenarios might you use Configuration settings to simplify deployment? (Choose Two) Changing the cost of a specific item in a list of products Grouping related business functions from more than one application Setting the name of a work queue used in a flow Determine which process in a flow to followed based on a changing value.
Three common causes of database issues that impact application performance are database table size, reading data from a BLOB, and poorly written SQL queries. (True or False) True False.
Large numbers of unique ruleset lists can impact performance. (True or False) True False.
Which two readings indicate a possible rule assembly or rules caching issue? (Choose Two) RA Elapsed Rule I/O Elapsed Rule Count Total Elapsed.
Which performance tool do you run to determine the specific step executed by your requestor session that is causing a problem? (Choose One) The Database Trace tool The PegaRULES Log Analyzer (PLA) The Performance Profiler tool The Performance Analyzer (PAL).
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