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Each log is managed by an appender, which determines the type of events written to the log file? (True or False) True False.
Which of the following is a valid Pega log file? (Choose all that apply) The ALERT log. The ALERTSECURITY log. The PEGA log. The WIX log. The PAL log.
The Pega Platform generates alerts for performance and security-related application issues. (True or False) True False.
The Logging Level Settings tool controls which logging events appear in the PEGA log. (True or False) True False.
Pega Log Analyzer requires a running Pega instance to be able to analyze the log files. (True or False) True False.
Pega Cloud customers can download log files from the My Pega Cloud tab in the My Support Portal for internal analysis or to share with Pega Global Customer Support (GCS). (True or False) True False.
The SERVICES-PAL log contains performance data saved from services. (True or False) True False.
Performance is an important aspect of any system and the perceived quickness of the system often measures user satisfaction and business value. (True or False) True False.
The Performance Analyzer is available in App Studio and Dev Studio. (True or False) True False.
The Database Trace tool can be started from PAL. (True or False) True False.
Which of the following Performance-related tools are available from the Performance landing page in Dev Studio? (Choose all that apply) PAL. Database Trace. Performance Profiler. Data Page Trace.
Node classification allows you to define nodes according to their purpose while helping to maximize resource availability while improving system responsiveness? (True or False) True False.
Which of the following is true about Predictive Diagnostic Cloud (PDC)? (Choose all that apply) Actively gathers, monitors, and analyzes real-time performance and health indicators. Runs on Pega Cloud. Is a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool. Monitored systems need to have the PDC pack installed.
Which type of rules can be analyzed with Performance Profiler? (Choose all that apply) Activities. Decision Tables. Data Transforms. When rules. Decision Trees.
Which two metrics does the Performance Profiler tool measure? (Choose Two) Results of when conditions. Time spent to complete a step. Total Number of steps. Total number of Rulesets used.
You want to allow a customer to decide which property value to delete; what do you use? (Choose One) CBAC DBAC ABAC RBAC.
When one or more properties monitored by a Declare OnChange rule change, which of the following actions can take place? (Choose Two Execute an activity. Start a case. Suspend a case. Execute a data page.
For the OnChange activity, you should update any property including those that caused the activity to start. (True or False) True False.
You should use a Declare OnChange rule for calculations only when a Declare Expression is not suitable. (True or False) True False.
Creating Declare OnChange rules to run an activity automatically when the value of specified property changes, is a form of backward chaining. (True or False) True False.
Which of the following are appropriate reasons for implementing background processing? (Choose all that apply) For process-intensive or automated tasks. Reduce the number of case instances generated by a system. Improving system scalability and performance. To allows users to continue the case or other work.
Which tool is used to actively gather, monitor, and analyze real-time performance and health indicators from all active Pega Platform applications? Database Trace Perform Analyzer (PAL) Performance Profiler Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud (PDC).
A Queue Processor may be invoked from the Run in Background smart shape. (True or False) True False.
Which tool is used to get a detailed trace of performance information about the execution of activities, when rules, and data transforms executed by your requestor session ? Database Trace Perform Analyzer (PAL) Performance Profiler Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud (PDC).
Which tool is used to tune the application in case of any database performance issues? Database Trace Perform Analyzer (PAL) Performance Profiler Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud (PDC).
Which tool is used to understand the system resources consumed by processing a single requestor session? Database Trace Perform Analyzer (PAL) Performance Profiler Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud (PDC).
A new implementation requires background processing to be used. What two options are available in Pega? (Choose Two) Agent Job Scheduler Background Task Queue Processor.
Where can background processes be monitored? Using Background Studio Using Admin Studio By creating a monitoring activity Using Dev Studio.
The Pega Platform generates alerts for performance and security-related application issues (True or False) True False.
How can you debug Queue Processor errors at run-time? (Choose One) Use PAL from Dev Studio Use Queue Tracer from Dev Studio Use Live UI From the Queue processors landing page in Admin Studio, trace, start and stop queue.
Which of the following causes an alert PEGA0001 to be generated?. (Choose One) Job scheduler failed to complete successfully Rule cache has been enabled Rule cache has been disabled The elapsed time for HTTP interaction time exceeds the threshold setting.
Job Schedulers have which of the following features?. (Choose One) Are executed immediately or can be delayed Run Data Transforms on a periodic basis Run activities on a periodic basis Are defined under the Technical category in Records Explorer.
Which of the following allow you to test if an activity step has completed successfully ?. (Choose One) The When Condition The Test Condition The Completed Condition The Jump Condition.
Which of the following is NOT configured for a background process ?. (Choose One) An activity The nodes in the cluster on which it is to run The maximum size of the Java Heap The system run-time context.
Rule resolution applies to most rules that are instances from which class ?. (Choose One) Data- Work- History- Rule-.
Which log files can be analyzed with the PLA? (Choose Two) The Alert log The BIX log The Cluster log The Pega log.
Three different users may access a class. Within the class there is Flow Action which should only be accessible to a specific user. How do I achieve this ?. (Choose One) Set up an access control policy condition to control access Set up a client-based access rule to control access For the specific user add a privilege to a role of the users access group and assign the privilege to the Flow Action Add a privilege to the users operator ID record and assign the privilege to the Flow Action .
Which statements about Declare OnChange rules are true ? (Choose Two) If you are watching multiple properties, an OnChange activity runs only once if two or more properties change An activity is automatically executed when the specified property changes All processing of a work item can be suspended using Declare OnChange rules In a Declare OnChange rule, a when condition based on a Boolean result can call only one activity.
I have need to create several reports based on two classes defining a parent and child case. What would be the best option to report across both classes ?. (Choose One) Create class joins in each report Create a report join in each report Create an association and reuse it in each report Use the sub-case step in the case type.
A class join can be shared between multiple report definitions? (True or False) True False.
Which of the following security features is not supported on the Pega platform? (Choose one) Client-based Access Control Data-based Access Control Role-based Access Control Attribute-based Access Control.
Which of the following Access Control Policy actions allows the user to open a case that meets the policy conditions or view data for the case in lists, reports, and searches? (Choose one) Read Discover PropertyView PropertyRead.
Access control policies can be defined on the History-class? (True or False) True False.
If an activity is expected to be called from a smart shape in a workflow. What Activity Type would it be set to? (Choose one) Routing Utility Activity SmartShape.
An activity is written to iterate over a page list of data. What two steps need to be completed? (Choose Two) Configure the Loop option in a step Use the Apply-DataTransform method to call a Data Transform to iterate over the page list Use the Apply-PageList method to call a Data Transform to iterate over the page list Define the page list on the Pages & Classes tab.
Which of the following situations would be an appropriate use of Declare OnChange rules? (Choose all that apply) Suspend work pending an independent review of fraud and regulatory rules Calculate the total cost whenever a line item value changes Update customer details whenever they move to a new post code Calculate the tax owed by a person.
You are working on a Pega application that contains multiple case types. You want the case types to be accessible in an external application. How can you best configure this? (Choose one) Create a connector rule Create a service rule Use a data page with an activity to expose case types Use PegaAPI to expose case types.
a data page or activity invokes a connector. i. Initialize the connector ii. Send the request to the external system iii. Map response data to the clipboard iv. Map request data into the connector page i, ii, iii, iv i, iii, ii, iv i, iv, ii, iii ii, i, iv, iii.
The Organizational Chart allows you to add which of the following (Choose all that apply) Operators Work groups Units Sub-units.
When the action of call activity is selected in a Declare OnChange rule. What is the purpose of the when condition? (Choose one) To make the OnChange rule active To execute two different activities To make the OnChange rule inactive To suspend two different cases.
What is a limitation of Property-level encryption? (Choose one) There are no limitations, it should always be used It can't be used whit ABAC Can be time-consuming to export settings as a RAP can be time-consuming to encrypt and decrypt a large number of individual properties.
What is the activity's primary page? (Choose one) The page specified for a step when the method is executing The clipboard page upon which this activity was called The default data page called by the activity The page used by the first step in the activity.
Which of the following operations are directly supported by Pega API? (Choose Two) Add a property to a data class Access data from a data page Create a new case Update a decision table.
You want to encrypt the properties that store the customer's bank account number and Social Security number to protect the associated data in and outside the database. What is your approach? (Choose Two) You create a TextEncrypt access control policy You create a PropertyEncrypt access control policy You encrypt the entire BLOB On the PropertyEncrypt access control policy, you list the properties associated with the customer's bank account.
A Product rule is also referred to as a ______? (Choose two) Rule-Admin-Package Rule-Admin-Product Package RAP.
What are the benefits of Application Settings? (Choose two) Allows you to define settings for your different environments in many locations Allows you to define settings for your different environments in one location Allows you to identify which case type are defined by an application Maximizes reusability and flexibility as values change between different environnements when working with external systems.
When multiple teams are working in parallel using branches, none of the teams are required to resolve any conflicts and can directly merge the changes to the main application? (True or False) True False.
To develop rules in parallel using branched rulesets, which of the following steps should be completed? (Choose Two) Gran developers access to the team application Create one or more development branches in the team application Delte all team applications Do not resolve any conflicts between the branches and the application.
Ginny is using a Split join to meet a clients's requirement. The requirement demands a joining condition. Which of these joining conditions are valid for this sub-process type? (Choose one) All, Any All, Any, Some All, Iterate, Some All, Any, Iterate, Some.
With Ruleset Validation mode, if a ruleset version does not have any prerequisite ruleset versions, do you need to specify the base product ruleset Pega-ProcessCommander as a prerequisite. (True or False) True False.
Error handling can be implemented using which of the following? (Choose two) Error handling case Error handling flow Error handling data transform Error handling connector.
The Ruleset RS contains rules in the following version 01-01-01, 01-01-02, 02-01-01, 02-01-02. A major skim from 02 to 03 copies rules from which versions? (Choose two) 01-01-01 01-01-02 02-01-01 02-01-02.
When multiple teams are working in parallel using branches, none of the teams are required to resolve any conflits and can directly merge the changes to the main application. (True or False) True False.
Production rulesets have at least one unlocked ruleset version in the production environment and allow rules to be updated in the production environment. (True or False) True False.
The current version of an application lists ABC: 02-02 as an application ruleset. The ruleset versions listed in the Answer Area are also present on the System, Identify the ruleset versions that the skim operation considers when you perform a major version ruleset skim on ruleset ABC Will the ruleset version be skimmed? 01-01-01 01-01-02 02-01-01 02-01-05.
What is the correct order in which a service processes a request –Service Steps 1. Inbound request received 2. Request Processing 3. Map inbound data 4. System returns a response 5. Map outbound data 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 1, 3, 2, 5, 4 1, 3, 2, 4, 5 2, 3, 4, 5, 1 3, 2, 1, 4, 5.
Which two best practices for creating a mobile app on Pega Platform guarantee a consistent user experience? (Choose two.) Apply both responsive and adaptive user interface designs to optimize the display of the app. Decide early in the development process if the mobile app supports offline mode. Incorporate Android emulators during the development and production phases. Use multiple unlocked rulesets when developing a mobile app.
During an Account review case, an accountant wants to evaluate the client's retirement plan. A Retirement planning case is created that runs in parallel with the Account review case. Neither case waits for nor reports to the other. To configure this workflow, which type of parallel processing shape do you use? Subprocess shape Split for each Shape Subprocess shape with the Spinoff flow option enabled Split Join shape.
To reduce training requirements for users, a company wants to utilize the existing front end of their application. How can a third-party application use Pega Platform? By using REST calls from the Pega API By using database tables for staging the requests By exposing third-party application services By using middleware tools in application servers.
A class group is used to______________. identify a layer of the Enterprise Class Structure combine related properties by usage assign work to a specific group of users store data from different child classes in a single table.
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