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Given the following scenario, how do you restrict a user to view/perform the tasks of a CSR? (Choose One) This is a case type named "Emergency Help Services", in which multiple actors are involved such as a user who raises a request, a CSR who processes the request, and manager who reviews the request and approves or rejects it. Upon Approval, services will be provided to the user. The User and CSR use the same User portal. As a system architect, you want to ensure that, you restrict users who raise a request to proceed further and do the work of CSR. Add two separates roles for the same access group where user and CSR are part of the same access group To ensure that users of application only perform the actions users can perform, you extend the access deny record by adding the roles Add two separate access groups and add two different roles in each access group but give the same portal because both CSR and user must initiate/process the request through case worker portal To ensure that users of an application only perform the actions users can perform, you extend the access control model by adding the roles, then configure the roles allow or deny actions as appropriate.
Which actions can Pega developers take to improve the performance of their applications as they interact with their database? (Choose Two) Use a smaller number of tables each containing more rows Configure a Purge / Archive job to remove old case instances Configure filter conditions of text fields in Report Definitions to use contains instead of stars with Use the Optimize for Reporting wizard to optimize every property on every case Use the Optimize for Reporting wizard to optimize properties referenced by Report Definition rules.
Given the following scenario, what is the best approach to fulfill this requirement? (Choose One) At SAE University, while applying for doctoral research, the candidate must attend interviews with three different panels, which can occur in any order. The candidate will be given admission if any two panels have selected the candidate. Use Split For Each with a join condition of Any Use Split For Each with a join condition of Some Use Split Join with a join condition of Any Use Split Join with a join condition of Some.
An error is generated when a connector invokes a remote service. Which of the following is an exemple of a transient error? (Choose One) The request is sent to the wrong system The service does not understand the request format The total or a returned order is incorrectly calculated The service is running on a system that is temporarily unavailable.
In an OnChange activity, you choose to update one of the properties that cause the same activity to start. What will be the result? (Choose One) An adaptive OnChange A backward chaining activity A forward chaining activity An infinite process loop.
Which requirement do you implement with an access control policy? (Choose One) Only a manager can authorize a refund exceeding USD1000 Only an administrator can delete a duplicate address change request Only a customer service representative can view an unmasked account number Only a specialized appraiser can provide an appraisal of art for homeowner's insurance policy.
Given the following scenario, what of the following will be the best approach to manage this requirement? (Choose One) There is an AutoLoan application running for the Services division of TGM Finance. Now TGM Finance wants to extend the same application for the Corporate Services division with some customizations. Create a framework application for Corporate Service division Create another implementation for Corporate Service built on the AutoLoan application Build the application for Corporate Service from the scratch because the new application requires customizations.
Select the statement that best describes an Edit Validate rule. (Choose One) Used to ensure a required relationship between two properties Used to limit the input to a specified number of characters Used to test input values against a specific pattern Used to test property values against specific conditions.
An external application request data from a Pega application. When your Pega application needs to provide data to an external application which of the following has to be configured?. (Choose One) Connector Database service External database table class mapping Service.
Shyam wants to create a mobile app using Pega. This should be launched from existing mobile app of the organization. Which configuration should he use to configure this requirement?. (Choose One) He should use a Package file He should use the Pega Mobile Client He should use the Software Development Kit (SDK) He should not need to do anything. It's automatic with Pega.
Given the following scenario, how can this be achieved? (Choose One) A multinational bank has a website for customers to create bank accounts and perform transactions. Their Loan application is running in Pega. When the customer logs in to the bank website, they can view their transactions and see their loan details by clicking a button from the bank website. The bank website should pass the customer ID to the loan application. Use Pega REST API in the Banking website to get the details from the Loan application Create a connector integration in the banking application to fetch the details from the loan application Create Pega Web Mashup and pass the value from the hosting bank website to the loan application Create a web service in the banking.
Which statement is true with respect to pre and post processing of a flow action?. (Choose One) The action will run only once The action runs every time when the user returns to the assignment The data transform or activity will not work until we use when rule You can refer more than one activity under post-processing of flow action.
Which scenario requires a class join?. (Choose One) A report that list all cases created by the operator along with thew or status of each case A report that lists all child cases showing the work urgency of their parent case A report that list flow actions and average turnaround time, categorized by Performer. A report that lists all worklist assignments grouped by the operator who is performing the action A report that lists all worklist assignments grouped by operator who is performing the action.
As you run a case instance, you notice it takes a significant amount of time to advance from one view to the next view. You run the case multiple times and notice the same slow performance. How do you proceed?. (Choose One) You use the Database trace tool You use the Performance Profiler tool You use the Performance Analyzer (PAL) You use Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud.
What is the purpose of the Primary page in activity. (Choose One) The Primary page is the clipboard page upon which the activity was called (i.e., current context) The Primary page is the Page list used by the activity to iterate through the steps in the activity A Primary page is only used in a Data model and is not referenced in activities A Primary page references the parameters needed for the activity to run.
AS a senior system architect for an Insurance application, you configure a CBAC rule with four properties: Name, Address, City, Phone number. Which privilege do you select so that a customer can change their Phone number but not delete it?. (Choose One) Edit Data Modify Data Read Data Rectify Data.
Which of the following use cases benefits from leveraging relevant records?. (Choose One) A developper wants to delegate a Decision rule A developper wants to make an activity available for use in the App Studio A developper wants to make a common cancellation flow available at run time A developper wants to ensure an SLA with passed deadline is available in the App Studio.
In a job recruitment application, the company wants to perform background checks. Data is handed to a third-party consultancy service to complete the background verification. How is this configured in Pega?. (Choose One) Connector Database connection Data Page Service.
What ruleset versioning method was applied to the new ruleset?. (Choose One) Sam is a senior system architect developing a Loan application in Pega. He created application component in the defined rulesets from Loan:01-01-01 to Loan:01-01-27. He observes multiple versions of the ruleset exist which can take more time to search rules during rules resolution. He created a new ruleset Loan:02-01-01 and copied the highest version of the rules from Loan:01-01-01 to Loan:01-01-27. Minor Skim Major Skim Lock & Roll Lock & Save.
Susan is using PAL to take measurements after each step in her case type to identify performance improvement opportunities. Every DELTA reading is reporting a high value for RA Elapsed. What should Susan do next?. (Choose One) Reboot the Pega server Run the Rule Validation tool Run the case type process again Resave all the rules in her case type.
Which of the following two actions would you take to address permanent errors? (Choose Two) Ask the user to retry at a later time Write the details of the error to a log file Post a note to alert the end user of the error Implement a process for investigation and fixing of the error.
A _________ is a container for rulesets with records that are undergoing rapide change and development. (Choose One) Application Branch Ruleset Stack None of the above.
When is Ruleset validation performed? (Choose One) Ruleset validation is performed only one at the time of logging into the application Ruleset validation is performed every time a rule is saved Ruleset validation is performed only during Rule Resolution Ruleset validation is performed every time a rule is saved as a circumstanced rule.
Which of the following best describes the use of keyed data pages? (Choose One) Keyed data pages are always used to retrieve data from external web services Keyed data pages are used to retrieve the data and also to push the data to external systems Keyed data pages are used to retrieve data for an application efficiently by reducing the number of service trips All the above.
Which of the following are valid types of circumstancing? (Choose Two) Exception variant Multi-variant Decimal property Single-variant.
What are the types of errors that can occur when integrating with an external system? (Choose Two) Transient Timing Runtime Permanent.
Availability of Final indicates the rule may be considered during rule resolution but prevents users from extending the rule by copying it to a different ruleset unless the ruleset is a higher version of the current ruleset. (True or False) True False.
What are inputs to the rule resolution algorithm ? (Choose all that apply) User's ruleset list Availability of the rule Short description of the rule User's access roles and privileges Class hierarchy of the rule in question Circumstance such as value of a property, or time and date restrictions.
Multi-variant circumstancing is effective whenever a combination of property values satisfies the circumstancing condition and are based on a circumstance template and circumstance definition. (True or False) True False.
In which of the following situations would you want to restrict access to the import wizard? (Choose One) When working on a development environment hen working on a test/QA environment When using a DevOps practice (CI/CD) pipeline Never, access to the wizard should always be made available.
Which of the following are true about Ruleset Validation? (Choose Two) Performed every time a rule is saved Affects rule resolution at run time Guarantees that referenced rules are available on the target system when the rules is promoted Can only be enabled from App Studio.
The Organizational Chart allows you to add which of the following? (Choose all that apply) Operators Work groups Units Sub-units.
Availability of Final indicates the rule may be considered during rule resolution but prevents users from extending the rule by copying it to a different ruleset unless the ruleset is higher version of the current ruleset. (True or False) True False.
In which two ways can you identify rule caching performance issues? (Choose Two) Count the number of rules that cache by running a report Use PAL to evaluate rule caching at the application level Use PAL to determine which rules should be deleted Use the My Performance Details along with the user ID to evaluate rule caching at the user level.
Node classification allows you to define nodes according to their purpose while helping to maximize resource availability while improving system responsiveness. (True or False) True False.
Which of the following helps minimize the number of ruleset list in use? (Choose Two) Add all rulesets to multiple application records Enable rule checkout for users who do not update rules Merge ruleset branches before migrating an application Minimize the number of access groups.
Which of the following can help address performance issues related to the Pega database? (Choose Two) Assigning a separate database table for the most-used case type Disable paging on list reports Ensure all data is read from the BLOB Run the Purge/Archive wizard on a periodic basis.
Why is it a good idea to run the Static Assembler on the application before taking readings with PAL? (Choose One) Assembles PAL for first use after Pega is installed Ensure that rules assembly does not affect performance readings Ensures that a summary graph of performance can be viewed Assembles tables in the Pega Rule base to hold performance data.
Why is it a best practice to ensure only system administrator operators are allowed to check out rules in non-development environments ? (Choose One) Allows users to log-in Allows users to run Pega applications Reduce excessive rule caching and improves system performance Reduces the size of a Pega application.
Which feature in Pega allows you to measure the overall quality of an application's design ? (Choose One) Application Design Score Best Practice Score Compliance Score Overall Quality Score.
How does the Active Rule Set List report help manage excessive rule assembly? (Choose Two) Counts how many rules exists in each rule set Identifies branch rulesets that must not be in a production system List how many rules are checked-in Monitors increases in the number of ruleset lists.
What information can be viewed on the Application Guardrails landing page? (Choose Two) A compliance score enabling assessment of the overall quality of an application The maximum number of requestors that can access the application Where to find alert Ids descriptions in the Pega Community Whether the application is designed following best practices.
How can performance alert thresholds be updated? (Choose Two) Modify the prconfig.xml file Contact Pega Support and ask them to update the setting using PDC Using Dynamic System Settings (DSS) Re-install Pega.
What can cause excessive rule assembly? (Choose Two) Many different operators with different ruleset lists Marking a rule as a relevant record Running the Static Assembler before an application is executed When a ruleset or application is migrated or imported to a new system.
The use of relevant records saves resources, speeds up application development, and promotes reuse. (True or False) True False.
Which of the following rules can be 'marked' as a relevant record? (Choose all that apply) Activities Data Transforms Flows Harnesses REST Connectors Service Level Agreements.
Where are relevant records referenced? (Choose all that apply) Access Manager Case Designer Data Designer Purge / Archive wizard.
Which of the following would be appropriate uses of relevant records? (Choose Two) A business user involved in initial prototyping must be able to reference a custom SLA rule A when rule needs to be available at runtime A custom flow rule will need to be updated by a business user in App Studio An activity will need to be updated by a business user in App Studio.
How do you make a relevant record unavailable to users in App Studio ? (Choose One) Mark the relevant record as inactive from the Relevant Records landing page Mark the relevant record as unavailable from record itself Remove the relevant record designation from Relevant Records landing page Deselect the mark as relevant record from the record itself.
Only Property rules may be marked as relevant records. (True or False) True False.
Which of the following will designate records as relevant? (Choose all that apply) By selecting Mark as relevant record from the rule By selecting the Add records button on the Relevant Records landing page By creating the record in App Studio By selecting the Relevant Records checkbox for the record in the Case Designer.
You should verify that a record is guardrail-compliant before you designate the record as a relevant record. (True or False) True False.
Which of the following are the benefits of using relevant records? (Choose all that apply) Reduce potential rule redundancy Make rules easier to Access in App Studio Increases development time Improve application quality.
Given the following scenario, what of the following shapes is used to model this scenario? (Choose One) In a mortgage application, the process may require that a user validates the home buyer's credit history. At the same time, another user must perform a title search. Both processes are unrelated and can be performed in sub-processes that proceed indenpendetly and in parallel. Where the sub-processes are complete, the main mortgage application process can continue. Split For Each Split Join Assignment Split Parallel.
Given the following scenario, what should Roberta use to allow the address to be configurable in each environment? (Choose One) Roberta is working on an application that is calling a web service to populate weather information. This application must go from development to production via staging and QA environments. The address of the web service is different in each environment. Activity rule Application Settings Access When rule Dynamic System Settings.
What are two reasons to configure background processing rules for tasks? (Choose Two) To process case updates more efficiently. To automate tasks that otherwise rely on human interaction. To defer tasks to a specific time, such as off-peak hours. To allocate a task to a specific node or nodes in a cluster.
Drag the task definition on the right to the correct rule. Job Scheduler Standard queue processor Dedicated queue processor.
Which two statements are true about the job scheduler? (Choose Two) The job scheduler and queue processor handle database transactions the same way. When creating job scheduler activities, separate business logic from transaction logic. The job scheduler runs an activity. The job scheduler can only be run once per day.
What task can you perform in Admin Studio? (Choose One) Migrate an application. Create a case type view. View broken processors. Create a new user.
Where can you view detailed information about processor functions? (Choose One) Overview landing page in Admin Studio Case life cycle in App Studio Job scheduler rule form Data flow for the processor.
Which three of the following service purposes can the Service Wizard configure? (Choose three) Invoke existing activity rules Manage users and security profiles Create and manage work Generate reports and manage report definitions Process input or output data.
Which two situations would you choose to use a Pega API rather than a custom API? (Choose Two) As a financial auditor, you need an external system to notify a Pega Platform application that a specific event in a child case has occurred. As the manager of a golf course, you need to be able to access specific player score details from a Pega Platform application, perform calculations on that data, and then send newly created data to an external system of record. As a member of a golf course maintenance crew, you want to be able to submit maintenance reports and view their status. As an orchestra director using a mobile rehearsal time and note logging app, you want to view a list of your musicians' time logs.
Which two statements about Application Settings are true? (Choose Two) Do not use the Application Settings to configure a connector. You can use the Application Settings to store references to external systems connected to your application. Application Settings are available only from Dev Studio. You can access the Application Settings by calling D_pxGetApplicationSettingValue.
Select two benefits of using Application Settings. (Choose Two) Application Settings allow you to manage settings throughout the application's page views and channel interfaces. Application Settings affords greater flexibility for changing values between environments when working with external systems. Application Settings allows you to define settings for your different environments in one location. Application Settings improves the performance for integration with the external system.
You are building an application with several development teams. Requirements state that the respective support contact name from each team appears on the header of the application as it moves through the various development phases. What configuration best allows you to accomplish this requirement? (Choose One) Configure a data transform to populate the appropriate support contact name for each respective development phase. Update the data transform as each production phase changes and direct the application's header to use the name value sourced from the data transform Configure a When condition to update the the support contact name depending on what production phase the application is in. Have your application display the appropriate name value sourced from conditional logic. Create multiple applications, one for each development phase that lists the appropriate support contact name on the header. Release a new application for each development phase. Create a new Application Settings configuration entering the appropriate support contact names for each respective development phase. Direct the header to reference the Application Settings to display the support contact name. .
Which two of the following actions do you take to address permanent errors? (Choose Two) Post a note to alert the end user of the error. Ask the user to retry at a later time. Write the details of the error to a log file. Implement a process for the investigation and fixing of the error.
Which action do you take to address an immediate need to return a response from an invoked service? (Choose One) Configure an email that is automatically sent to the user and describes the technical details of the error. Use the LiveUI tool to detect and display errors in the data page. Use the response data transform for errors not detected in data pages. Display an error message and write the error to the log file.
Which two statements are true about securing and testing integrations? (Choose Two) Pega Platform automatically secures external data sources that bring data into your application through connectors. You can test the functionality of an integration before you create it in your application. For testing integrations that rely on a data page, you can convert the functional test into a Unit test. When establishing a new connector, you must use an existing authentication profile. .
Which two of the following statements are the most accurate with respect to the error handler flow? (Choose Two) The standard connector error handler flow can help recover from transient errors. The error handler flow is invoked if the error is not handled elsewhere. The error handler flow is the recommended way to handle all integration errors. The standard error handler flow is final and cannot be customized.
Which of the following allows you to write all errors that are detected when loading a data page to a log file? Invoke the error handler from the post-processing activity in a data page. Use an existing function in the error handling data transform. Use the error handling flow. Use a transition condition.
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