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Drag the performance tool letter on the right to the corresponding use case on the left. Used to understand the system resources consumed by processing a single requestor session. Used to tune the application in case of any database performance issues. Used to get a detailed trace of performance information about the execution of activities, when rules, and data transforms executed by your requestor session. Used to actively gather, monitor, and analyze real-time performance and health indicators from all active Pega Platform™ applications.
A developer has collected baseline readings for a flow action in the system via Performance Analyzer. A change comes in later on in the sprint in the same flow action. The developer collects the Performance Analyzer readings again for that Flow Action. What could the comparison of the new and previous readings point to? Negative performance change Positive performance change No performance change Positive or negative performance change.
DB Trace is best suited to diagnose a performance issue in which two of the following environments? (Choose Two) Development Staging Production Mirror Production.
The Performance Profiler is used to identify a step of a data transform that might have a performance issue. True False.
When you review the Performance Profiler table, you identify the thread corresponding to the process where you performed the work. True False.
Predictive Diagnostic Cloud (PDC) is available only to cloud-based applications. True False.
Which three of the following elements does PDC monitor? (Choose Three) Guardrail warning Application errors Alerts Informational messages Health statistics.
Which statement about PDC is true? PDC is designed for technical administrators and access should be limited to system administrators. PDC provides a wide variety of application health and error alerts as well as tools to manage exceptions and recommended improvements. PDC environment must be secured because monitored applications can inadvertently send confidential customer data in alert details. Alert thresholds should not be set too low because the increase in alert volume degrades application performance.
In which scenario is it most appropriate to leverage Predictive Diagnostic Cloud™ (PDC)? A company has multiple Pega Platform™ applications and is interested in monitoring the health of all active applications. A company has a Pega Platform™ application and is interested in browsing a list of performance-related alerts. A company has a Pega Platform™ application and is interested in finding the cause of an error that occurs during case processing. A company has multiple Pega Platform™ and non-Pega Platform applications and is interested in receiving guidance to avoid system performance issues.
Which of the following features in Pega Platform allows you to measure the overall quality of an application's design? The Tracer tool Compliance score Channel interface manager Live UI.
A system alert indicates that a defined system performance threshold, such as browser response time, has been exceeded. True False.
Large numbers of unique ruleset lists can impact performance. True False.
Which two readings indicate a possible rule assembly or rules caching issue? (Choose Two) RA Elapsed Rule I/O Elapsed Rule Count Total Elapsed.
Which three actions can you take to minimize the number of ruleset lists in use in an application? (Choose Three) Limit the number of operators who access an application. Eliminate unnecessary personal rulesets. Merge branch rulesets before migrating an application. Eliminate multiple ruleset versions by skimming rules to the next minor or major version. Minimize the number of access groups.
Three common causes of database issues that impact application performance are database table size, reading data from a BLOB, and poorly written SQL queries. True False.
Which two of the following statements about large tables in Pega Platform are true? (Choose Two) Large tables only cause issues if you have not configured the Purge/Archive Wizard. Using a BLOB prevents data compression. You can use the Purge/Archive Wizard to archive old data. You can create database table records for one or more classes in the class group. Only a DBA should tune Pega Platform to reduce issues that arise from large tables.
Node classifications in a cluster help maximize resource availability while improving system responsiveness for users. True False.
Which of the following options can you use along with system alerts to determine if your application performance needs optimization? Live UI tool Performance Profiler Performance Analyzer (PAL) Database Trace.
Which two approaches reduce the possibility of rule caching causing performance issues in your application? (Choose Two) Remove branch rulesets in your production system. Add a ruleset to multiple application records. Classify the nodes in your system. Create multiple access groups. Only allow rule checkout for operators who need to work in checked out rules.
Which of the following JVM arguments can be used to assign a node type to a node -DNodeType=setenv.bat -NodeType=BackgroundProcessing -DNodeType=BackgroundProcessing -TypeNode=Search.
What are two outputs of the Static Assembler? (Choose Two) A log file The application version. The name of the application Number of rules assembled Number of rules cached The access group of the application.
Which performance tool do you run to determine the specific step executed by your requestor session that is causing a problem? The Database Trace tool The PegaRULES Log Analyzer (PLA) The Performance Profiler tool The Performance Analyzer (PAL).
What are two benefits of leveraging relevant records? (Choose Two) Reduces development time Marks a rule as more important than other rules Makes the rule available only in Dev Studio Improves application quality.
Which of the following use cases benefits from leveraging relevant records? A developer configures a flow with a post-processing data transform for use by multiple case types. A developer wants to ensure a SLA rule is available at run time. A developer wants to make a common cancellation flow available in App Studio. A manager uninvolved in application development must make changes to a SLA rule as business conditions change.
How do you make a relevant record unavailable in App Studio? Remove the relevant record designation from the Relevant Records landing page. Mark the relevant record as unavailable from the record itself. Mark the relevant record as inactive from the Relevant Records landing page. Remove the relevant record designation from the record itself.
Which three rule types can be reused through the use of relevant records? (Choose Three) Sections Paragraphs Flows Decision trees Field values.
What three actions must you perform, in combination, to migrate an application between two system environments? (Choose Three) Create a ZIP archive file and a RAP file with the same application components Create an archive file of the items in a product rule Import the archive file to the destination system Enable the Application Migration wizard in the product rule Identify the application components in a product rule.
Which two components does the Application Packaging wizard prompt you to include when you generate an archive file? (Choose Two) Product rules Checked-out rules Data instances Data types.
You use the Application Import wizard to import an archive file on a destination system. When does the destination system begin executing the imported rules? Users can start executing the new rules the next time they log in regardless of whether the import is complete or not. Pega Platform™ ensures that an entire ruleset is imported before the rules in it start executing. Pega Platform™ ensures that the entire ZIP file is imported before users can execute the imported rules. Users can start executing rules as soon as the rules are imported.
You create a product rule to generate an application archive file for export. Which two actions do you perform before creating the archive file? (Choose Two) Associate application data instances with application rulesets. Unlock the application rulesets. Check in the rules that are in the application ruleset. Create a new version of the application.
The standard IACAuthentication activity extracts values from HTTP headers in the request to identify an authenticated Pega Platform™ operator ID. True False.
Which security switch blocks unencrypted Pega Web Mashup requests coming from the client? pyuseridentifier pyShowSecureFeatureWarning pyBlockUnregisteredRequests pzSecureFeatures.
Which two of the following statements are true about Pega Web Mashup? (Choose Two) When using a Pega Web Mashup, an operator ID is not required to access a Pega Platform™ application. The Pega Web Mashup can be created using Dev Studio only Opening a new case is an example of an action that can be done through a Pega Web Mashup. The Generate Mashup code option generates HTML code.
Which two of the following steps are required to create a Pega Web Mashup? (Choose Two) Set the data-pega-resizetype attribute to customize the mashup width. Generate the mashup code. Configure a list of approved sites for the site origin. Define attributes to defer for the default action.
Which three prerequisites must be satisfied before you configure a channel to build a mobile app? (Choose Three) Download and install an integrated development environment (IDE) of your choice, depending on which platform for which you are building the app. Upload a certificate set for the appropriate mobile platform. Confirm that Pega Platform is configured to support access through HTTPS. Configure the responsive layout for the mobile application. Configure access to the Pega Mobile Build Server.
Your company has developed a process in Pega Platform™ for tracking orders. Your company also has an existing Android app. You are asked to create a mobile app solution to include the new order tracking process in their existing app. How do you build the mobile app? Create an SDK app Build a native Android app Create a signed SDK app Export an unsigned app.
You can use the same certificate sets to build and distribute iOS and Android apps. True False.
You are part of an interdepartmental development team and are asked to create a stand-alone iOS app. Since your team does not have an iOS signing certificate, you need to deliver the iOS app to another department, which signs the app locally before submitting for review and distribution to the App Store. How do you create the mobile app? Create an SDK app Create a signed native iOS app Create a signed SDK app Export an unsigned native iOS app.
An assignment with an initial urgency of 10 is associated with an SLA, which is defined with a timed delay of two hours. The goal is defined as one hour, after which the urgency increases by ten. The deadline is defined as two hours, after which the urgency increases by 15. A work item associated with this assignment is created at 8:00 AM. At 11:30 AM, what is the urgency of the assignment? 20 30 35 10.
For a roadside assistance case: • pxUrgencyWorkClass is 15 • pyUrgencyWorkAdjust is 10 • pxUrgencyWorkSLA is 15 • pxUrgencyWorkStageSLA is 10 • pxUrgencyAssignSLA is 20 Drag the numbers to the correct statement below. The pxUrgencyWork is When the case reaches the Assign service provider assignment, the pxUrgencyAssign is A driver reports an issue after dark, warranting an urgent service call. The Customer Service Representative (CSR), adjusts the pyUrgencyWorkAdjust on the case from 10 to 30. The pxUrgencyWork on the case increases to The pxUrgencyWork field is a snapshot of the Roadside assistance case urgency at the time the Assign service provider assignment was created. Therefore, the pxUrgencyAssign remains.
Assignment urgency is recorded using the .pxUrgencyAssign property. Pega Platform™ calculates .pxUrgencyAssign, as the sum of three input properties. (Choose Three) .pxUrgencyAssignSLA .pxUrgencyWork .pyUrgencyParty .pyUrgencyAssignAdjust .pyUrgencyAssignment.
Which property responds to urgency calculated based on the service-level rule? .pxUrgencyAssignSLA .pxUrgencyWork .pyUrgencyAssignAdjust.
Which variable in the assignment urgency calculation allows a user to manually adjust the urgency according to the facts of each situation? .pxUrgencyAssignSLA .pxUrgencyWork .pxUrgencyAssign .pyUrgencyAssignAdjust.
In your organization, employees work between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. EST only. Some assignments are sent to the employee work queue between 5:01 P.M. and 07:59 A.M, but work does not begin until regular business hours. For assignments that come in after hours, which Assignment Ready option do you use to delay the start of SLAs until 8:00 each day? Timed delay Dynamically defined on a property Immediately Delayed.
Drag the parallel processing type from the left to the description on the right Spinoff Split For Each Split Join.
Which type of parallel processing shape do you use to start an interview process based on a list of employees who must interview a job candidate? Subprocess shape Split Join shape Split For Each shape Subprocess shape with the spinoff option enabled.
When the workflow in your case is _____, you can use _____ to run one or more _____ in the same stage _____ to allow users to perform tasks independently to complete the work in the stage. complex, typical processing, subprocesses, simultaneously complex, parallel processing, subprocesses, simultaneously complex, post-processing, subprocesses, simultaneously complex, pre-processing, spinoffs, simultaneously.
In a Prepare job offer process, you configure a Split For Each shape. The shape runs a compensation approval subprocess to a list containing four managers. The prepare job offer process resumes as soon as one manager completes the approval process. Which join condition in the Split For Each shape supports this requirement? An Iterate join condition A Some join condition An Any join condition An All join condition.
An Order fulfillment process includes a request for quotes from multiple shippers. You want the system to automatically call a quote request subprocess for each vendor. How do you configure your process? Add a Split For Each shape and run the request subprocess for each vendor on a page list. Add a Split Join shape and run the request subprocess for each vendor on a page list. Add a Split For Each step to the case life cycle and run the subprocess for each vendor on a page list. Add a Subprocess shape for the request subprocess and specify the Spinoff option.
Allow one user locking ensures data integrity by limiting case access. True False.
Allow multiple users locking favors simultaneous access to a case by preventing users from updating a case that has changed. True False.
The case-locking strategy applied to a child case is independent of the strategy applied to the parent case. True False.
Your application has a top-level Purchase Request case type and a Purchaser Order child case type. The company determines that only one user at a time may open and work on a case. However, users working on purchase orders should not lock out users working on purchase requests. How do you configure the lock settings for both case types? Select the Allow one user locking option on the Purchase Order case type and the Allow access for the parent case when the child case is opened option on the Purchase Order case type. Select the Allow multiple users locking option on the Purchase Request case type and select the Allow access for the parent case when the child case is opened option on the Purchase Order case type. Select the Allow one user locking option on the Purchase Request case type and select the Allow access for the parent case when the child case is opened option on the Purchase Order case type. Select the Allow one user locking option on the Purchase Order case type and the Allow access for the parent case when the child case is opened option on the Purchase Request case type.
Scenario: Your application has a top-level Purchase Request case type and a Purchaser Order child case type. Drag the strategy options below into the correct boxes. The Purchase request case type locking strategy options are ... (select 2) If the ... case locking strategy is selected on the Purchase Request case type, case locking strategy options are unavailable on the Purchaser Order case type (select 1) f both the Purchase Request and Purchase Order cases are locked until a user submits or closes the case, the locking strategy on the Purchase Request case type is set to .... (1) and the ... (1) option on the Purchase Order case type is unchecked.
In an events managing application, customers register for a Customer Relationship Management conference. During that event, you plan to offer lunches to seat eight customers within the same industry together at the same table. An Industry Lunches case type facilitates this offering. An assignment in the workflow displays a proposed seating arrangement based on attendee registration data that the events specialist and can review and adjust. To support this, you should configure a pre-processing action to call a data transform that processes customer registration data. True False.
What three actions can you add as pre- or post-processing actions for a flow action? (Choose Three) Robotic automation Data record Page list Activity Data transform.
Which two of the following statements are true about configuring pre- and post-processing for flow actions? (Choose Two) You can configure data transforms, activities, and robotic automations as both pre and post-processing actions. You can reference savable data pages in pre-processing for flow actions. You can commit only one data page for each post-processing action. You can either reference the data page or a property that is auto-populated by the data page. .
Which two statements about adding a pre-processing action to a flow action are true? (Choose Two) The action automatically runs if the flow action has the highest likelihood for the assignment in the process flow. The user can opt to skip the pre-processing action. The action runs each time the user returns to the assignment. The action runs only the first time the flow action is performed on an assignment.
You created a data transform to concatenate the first and last name values of a user name. You add the concatenate data transform to a flow action as a post-processing action. What occurs when the flow runs? The data transform runs after the user enters data in the first name and last name fields. The data transform runs before every flow action run. The data transform runs every time the user performs the flow action run. The data transform runs after the flow action runs if the user enters data in the first and last name fields.
In an online Purchase Order case, the customer enters their details in the Enter customer details step, then selects the products they want to purchase in the Select products step. The customer needs to view the selected products in the Review selected products step before proceeding with the payment. The selected products are copied to a new field in the Review selected products step. Which configuration best achieves the requirement? Configure a post-processing data transform for the Select products step. Configure an activity in the pre-processing action for the Select products step. Configure a post-processing data transform for the Review selected products step. Configure an activity in the post-processing action for the Review selected products step.
Members of a work group may belong to different organization units, divisions, or even different organizations. True False.
Which two of the following statements are true about organizational records? (Choose Two) A division belongs to an organization and has one or more organization units. An organization unit can have one manager. An organization record can have one manager. A division belongs to an organization and has one organization unit only An operator can report to more than one manager.
You add a new work group to an application. Which two organization rules do you need to update? (Choose Two) Unit Work queue Class groups Operator ID.
Which of the following is not part of the organizational structure? Work group Division Organization Unit.
The TGB organization structure has a Sales unit, and it belongs to a Marketing division. TGB plans to add new units for the East, Central, and West geographical sales regions. These regional units report to the Sales unit. How do you configure the organizational hierarchy to support the new structure? Add the regional units to the TGB organization. Add a new Regional unit to the Marketing division and add the East, Central, and West regional units as child units to the Regional unit. Add the regional units as sub-units to the Sales unit. Add the regional units to a Marketing division.
Field values are best to use when a list is short, mostly static, does not require localization, and common across inherited classes. True False.
Field values enable you to _________________. define the values used in a circumstance template set default values for a property test the validity of an input value customize a list of allowed values for a property based on the context of the property.
How do you customize the allowed values for a property based on the context of the property using field values? Create a field value record and a unique property record for each allowed value in each context. Create a field value record for each value and set the context using the Apply to: field. Create a ruleset for each context, then create a field value record for each value and add the field value record to the appropriate ruleset. Create a base field value record, then create a circumstance of the base record for each allowed value.
All standard roles can read, write, and delete Configuration settings. True False.
In which two scenarios might you use Configuration settings to simplify deployment? (Choose Two) Changing the cost of a specific item in a list of products Grouping related business functions from more than one application Setting the name of a work queue used in a flow Determine which process in a flow to followed based on a changing value.
Which two items are required for a Configuration setting? (Choose Two) You must know the name of each user who needs access All users must receive access to Configuration sets You must select the Include Association Data check box in the relevant Pega-Configuration class structure rule There must be an existing Configuration set.
Which one of the following security scenarios do Configuration settings support? A manager can write and delete Configuration settings where a user can only read Configuration settings. A client can view their personally-identifying information. A user who is assigned Top Secret clearance can write and delete Configuration settings, while a user who is assigned Secret clearance can only read Configuration settings. A user can enter an address in the shipping address field only if the user first selects a shipping type from a radio button list.
Which two statements are true about edit validate rules? (Choose Two) Validation with an edit validate rule is triggered when there is a change in the input. Edit validate rules are used for both client-side and server-side validation. You use an edit validate rule to check if an input is an integer or not. You define edit validate rules on properties.
Which of the following validation requirements must you satisfy with an edit validate rule? A support request must include a product number, issue type, and description. A user must enter the security code for a credit card, which is exactly three digits long. A user must enter a valid date within a 120-year range. An insurance quote requires a user to enter an operator license number in the correct format.
You create an edit validate rule to ensure that users enter a valid serial number for products. Which two options can you configure to ensure that the edit validate rule is applied during case processing? (Choose Two) Apply the edit validate rule to the appropriate case stage. Reference the edit validate rule on the case type rule. Reference the edit validate rule from the property rule for the serial number field. Configure a validate rule to call the edit validate rule when submitting the appropriate form.
Which statement best describes the benefit of keyed access for a data page? Eliminates unnecessary steps from the case life cycle. Consolidates data pages by referencing multiple types of objects from a single data page. Improves application performance by minimizing the amount of data on the clipboard. Improves application performance by reducing exchanges with a system of record.
When users select the model of their vehicle, the application displays the specifications for the model. There are hundreds of vehicle model requests per day and the vehicle model information is only updated once a month. Which is the best implementation for this use case? Create a keyed data page with vehicle information. Create a vehicle information data page for each vehicle model. Create a parameterized vehicle information data page which loads the desired vehicle information. Configure a keyed data page that allows mutliple pages per key.
Drag the data page configuration to the scenario that best suites the business needs. Keyed Data Page Non-Keyed Data Page.
Which of the following use cases is best implemented by configuring a keyed data page that allows multiple pages per key? A telecommunication provider displays a list of available plans to the customer based on zip code. Thousands of customers per day view the details of the selected plan to learn more about the specifications of each plan. The available plans change quarterly. An online shopping application displays the list of available products. A list of selected products is displayed to the customer before proceeding with the payment process. In a Purchase Order case, the billing address must be copied to shipping address when the user selects the Same as billing address check box. A stock purchase case requires that the real-time currency exchange rates display when a user selects a stock for purchase.
A connector requests data from an external data source. True False.
A service processes an inbound request and returns the appropriate data. True False.
A connector can be directly referenced from __________ and __________? (Choose Two) data pages flows activities data transforms.
In which order are rules and data instances applied for a connector? 1. Data Page/Activity 2. Data Transform (from application data structure to integration clipboard structure) 3. Mapping rule (from integration clipboard structure to format specified by the target service) 4. Connect rule 5. Data Transform (from integration clipboard structure to application data structure) 6. Mapping rule (from format received by the service to integration clipboard structure) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 1, 4, 2, 3, 6, 5 1, 2, 4, 3, 6, 5 1, 3, 2, 4, 5, 6.
Which three records are created by the Create SOAP integration wizard to use the data source? (Choose Three) Data transforms Classes Connector Activities Mapping rules.
Which two statements about Application Settings are true? (Choose Two) You do not need to apply a release to update an Application Setting. You can access the Application Settings by calling D_pxGetApplicationSettingValue. You can use Application Settings to store references to an external systems connected to an application. You should not use Application settings to configure a connector.
You are building a web service connector for an application. The configuration values for the endpoint URLs change between staging and production phases. What is the best configuration to ensure that these values update between development phases? Create two application versions, one for staging and one for production, using the correct endpoint URL values. Configure a When rule to update the endpoint URL values as the production phase changes. Configure a data transform to update the endpoint URL values as the production phase changes. Create new Application Settings that contain the configuration settings for the endpoint URLs for the staging and production phases. .
You are building an application with several development teams. Requirements state that the respective support contact name from each team appears on the header of the application as it moves through the various development phases. What configuration best allows you to accomplish this requirement? Create a new Application Settings configuration entering the appropriate support contact names for each respective development phase. Direct the header to reference the Application Settings to display the support contact name. Configure a data transform to populate the appropriate support contact name for each respective development phase. Update the data transform as each production phase changes and direct the application's header to use the name value sourced from the data transform. Create multiple applications, one for each development phase that lists the appropriate support contact name on the header. Release a new application for each developmet phase. Configure a When condition to update the the support contact name depending on what production phase the application is in. Have your application display the appropriate name value sourced from conditional logic. .
Select two benefits of using Application Settings. (Choose Two) Application Settings allow you to manange settings throughout the application's page views and channel interfaces. Application Settings allows you to define settings for your different environments in one location. Application Settings affords greater flexibility for changing values between environments when working with external systems. Application Settings improves the performance for integration with the external system.
Which two of the following actions do you take to address permanent errors? (Choose Two) Implement a process for the investigation and fixing of the error. Write the details of the error to a log file. Ask the user to retry at a later time. Post a note to alert the end user of the error.
Which action do you take to address an immediate need to return a response from an invoked service? Use the response data transform for errors not detected in data pages. Use the LiveUI tool to detect and display errors in the data page. Configure an email that is automatically sent to the user and describes the technical details of the error. Display an error message and write the error to the log file.
An error is generated when a connector invokes a remote service. Which of the following is an example of a transient error? The request is sent to the wrong system. The total of a returned order is incorrectly calculated. The service does not understand the request format. The service is running on a system that is temporarily unavailable.
Which of the following allows you to write all errors that are detected when loading a data page to a log file? Invoke the error handler from the post-processing activity in a data page. Use an existing function in the error handling data transform. Use the error handling flow. Use a transition condition.
Which two of the following statements are the most accurate with respect to the error handler flow? (Choose Two) The error handler flow is the recommended way to handle all integration errors. The standard connector error handler flow can help recover from transient errors. The error handler flow is invoked if the error is not handled elsewhere. The standard error handler flow is final and cannot be customized.
Which three of the following service purposes can the Service Wizard configure? (Choose Three) Generate reports and manage report definitions Manage users and security profiles Process input or output data Create and manage work Invoke existing activity rules.
Which two of the following operations are directly supported with the Pega API? (Choose Two) Create a new case. Access data from a data page. Update a decision table. Add a property to a data class.
You can call any of the Pega API services by using ___________. a data transform out of the box Pega rules SOAP web services standard HTTP methods.
Which three service protocols are available in the Pega Service Wizard? (Choose Three) SOAP HTTP JAVA IOTP REST.
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