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What is the highest organizational Level in SAP ? Operating Concern Controlling area Client.
New with SAP Fiori Adaptive Role based Data based.
Fiori role-based view with interactions with older applications? SAP Fiori Launchpad SAP GUI Webdyn Pro .
Which Fiori Apps apply the capacities of S4/HANA directly ? Factsheet Analytical Transactional Educational.
What are characteristics of the FIORI Launchpad UI Adaptive Function-based Role-based.
Orgastructure FI Segment Company code Controlling area Operating concern.
When is the first FI relevant Step in O2C? Save invoice GI Order Settlement.
Automated steps in D2O after confirmation Settlement Valuation Post actual costs Goods Receipt.
How can you assign external labor to an WBS element? Cost allocation Distribution.
What are the rules to assign to one company code to the Controlling Area? Same fiscal year Same operating concern CoCd + CoA .
Why might you save a maintenance master record To collect technical data within a long period of time To collect data regarding usage To collect maintenance work per object.
CATS modules interactions with other modules (3 correct answers?) MM PS HCM SD PP.
What do you have to assign to a BP to use it in other modules? Roles Customer Supplier.
What can you assign to a warehousenr Plant Cocd Storage location .
What are processes covered in SAP S/4? Record to report Buy to Maintain Source to sell.
Orga levels SD: Assignment options Sales distribution -> only one Cocd Sales distribution -> many Cocd Sales organization -> many Cocds Sales distribution many sales organisations.
Backorder processing – when relevant? Wanted quantity is not confirmed Delivery dates can be met Delivery Date not confirmed.
Possibilities Employee Self Services Enroll in training Plan budget Enter times Enroll benefits.
What can you use to allocate costs? Cost center Profit center Activity type.
How can I allocate costs? Allocation type Profit center Cost center type Activity type.
Which HCM Orga level can I assign directly to a CoCd? Personnel area Position Organizational unit.
When will actual costs be located to a project? Release Save billing documents.
What commits funds to a WBS element budget? Cost Center Profit Center.
Stock transfer processing – raw material from warehouse to manufacturing line One step Two step Cross plant MRP.
Profitability Analysis per segment: with? Profit Center Cost Center.
What happens when you confirm maintenance order? Maintenance notification material list updated Billing document are saved.
What is enhanced Procure to Pay Process? SAP Ariba SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management.
What documents can be created from a planned order? Purchase requisition Production Order Purchase Order Planned independent requiry.
What advantages of EWM? Mobil devices.. Manage inventory on storage location level Monitoring the processing of all goods movements Connecting to mobile data entry as part of integrated radio.
What data is saved when creating condition master records? Currency Scale Validity Period Sales Organisation.
What happens after a goods receipt? Controlling Document Create customer payment Outbound delivery is created Save billing doc.
New created company code should have the same Controlling Area. What is needed? Same Fiscal Year Variant Same Chart of Accounts.
What subcharge... X- and O-data? Blockchain Predictive Machine learning IoT (Conversational) AI.
What steps can be automatically processed after confirmation of production order? Settlement Valuation of costs GR GI.
What do you need to create for an external network activity? Service Entry Sheet there is no goods receipt for services This is why a service entry sheet is necessary.
Which of the following Controlling objects are statistical objects? Profit Center Cost Center.
Which account should be post, if you purchase a car for the company (3 choices are correct)? Tax account Asset account Profit account Expense account Vendor/Supplier.
Which documents are used for external reporting (2 choices are correct)? Profit and loss statement Segment reporting Income statement Balance sheet.
Which hierarchy in SD is correct (3 choices are correct)? One division can be assigned to several sales organization One division can be assigned to only one sales organization One distribution channel can be assigned to several plant One distribution channel can be assigned to only one plant Sales distribution -> only one Cocd Sales distribution -> many Cocd Sales organization -> many Cocds Sales distribution many sales organisations.
Which kind of technologies are used in SAP Business Suite (3 choices are correct)? Machine translation VR Machine learning AI Internet of things.
Which document record an external network activity? Purchase order Service order Sales order Maintenance order.
Which document is used to evaluate a success MRP run? Stock/Requirement List BOM.
If one BP will be used in different level in an organization, which parameter should be changed? BP role BP type BP function.
What is the order of the sales process? Sales Order - Outbound Delivery - post Goods Issue - Quotation (optional) - Billing Document - Payment Quotation (optional) - Sales Order - post Goods Issue - Billing Document - Outbound Delivery – Payment Quotation (optional) - Sales Order - Outbound Delivery - post Goods Issue - Billing Document - Payment Quotation (optional) - Outbound Delivery - post Goods Issue - Sales Order - Billing Document - Payment.
What is the purpose of FI? Financial Accounting posts all financial transactions, revenues, and expenses. Financial Accounting provides data for cost center managers. Financial Accounting analyzes cost variances and inefficiencies in the company. Financial Accounting allows the setting up of a profit and loss statement and a balance sheet.
What BOP strategy has first processing priority? Gain Redistribute Fill Lose.
What business partner role is needed to maintain data on the company code level? FI Vendor Vendor FI Supplier Supplier.
What types of BP are there? Organisations Groups People.
What can be settled Internal Order (only if the internal order is a real cost object) Production Order Cost Center Sales Order.
Which documents are used for external reporting (2 choices are correct)? Accounts receivable Income statement.
Advantages of stock transport order? Goods issue and goods receipt visible in PO history Goods issue visible in PO history.
Effects when maintenance order is set to TECO (technical completion) Open purchase requisitions are deleted Open purchase requisitions are saved.
Why is equipment maintained? You need to record the usage time of an object at functional locations You need to collect and evaluate technical data for an object over a long period of time.
Which of the following are MRP modes? MRP Classic MRP Live Predictive MRP.
What component of a maintenance order contains value field, resource? and control key? Settlement rule Operations .
What is done by WBS elements? Plan costs and revenues in detail Post actual cost and revenues Enter a budget Assign purchase requisitions and purchase orders Plan payments Plan dates manually.
Planning tool for sales order forecasting? BOP Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) PPDS.
What reflects the physical location of a good? Storage location Storage section Storage bin.
What is document splitting used for? To summarize controlling line items to produce fewer line items To achieve balance sheet reports by segments To update multiple ledgers for parallel accounting To summarize general ledger (G/L) postings in multiple currencies.
What is the purpose of using a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question. To manage equipment To schedule warehouse tasks To evaluate aggregated data To allocate budgets To define responsibilities.
Which end-to-end business processes are covered by SAP S/4HANA in the context of the Intelligent Enterprise? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question. Record to report Source to contract Request to service Supply to sell Buy to maintain.
What can you record during overall completion confirmation of a maintenance order? Measurements Notification completion Serial numbers Planned time.
What happens when you post a goods issue in a delivery document for a sales order? The billing due list is updated Inventory quantities are updated An invoice is created An accounting journal entry is created A warehouse transfer order is created.
Which backorder processing (BOP) strategy has first processing priority and is used to release confirmed stock to prioritize other orders to plan future stock needs? Lose Redistribute Gain Fill.
What does a posting key control? Field status for all line items Document currency Debit/credit posting Account type.
Which objects can be assigned to a purchasing organization? Material master Plant Cost center Vendor Company Code.
What MRP control parameter defines the scope of a planning run when the system only takes into account changes that are within the planning? Please choose the correct answer. Procurement type Planning mode Processing key - NETCH Processing key – NEUPL.
What needs to be entered to create a business partner? There are TWO correct answers for this Question. Account group Partner functions Business partner type Business partner role.
What elements in the Human Capital Management organizational structure can receive cost center assignment? There are 2 correct answers to this question. Job Organizational unit Position Person.
What does the material ledger in SAP S/4HANA enable? There are TWO correct answers for this Question Reporting of all materials required during maintenance processing Recording of all business transactions Reporting for parallel accounting Material valuation in multiple currencies.
What can be assigned to a profit center? There are THREE correct answers for this Question Organizational unit Asset Operating concern Company code Material.
HR Org. Structure Company Code HR = Personnel administration Personnel Subarea.
Fast entry method - Entry methods HCM personnel file (all items one pers. Nr) Fast entry Personnel (You can use fast entry to maintain an infotype for more than one personnel number simultaneously.).
Which of the following is the correct hierarchy of organizational structure elements in SAP S/4HANA (from 1. highest level to 4. lowest level)? Please choose the correct answer. Company code 2. Controlling area 3. Organizational unit 4. Operating concern Sales organization 2. Plant 3. Division 4. Storage location Company code 2. Controlling area 3. Sales organization 4. Plant Operating concern 2. Controlling area 3. Company code 4. Plant.
You have created an asset master data record. Which other master data record can be created synchronously? Functional location Cost center Equipment Primary cost element.
What assigns actual costs to a project? Calculating project interest Saving a purchase order Posting a vendor’s invoice Processing a cost forecast.
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