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What occurs after you change the status of a maintenance order to technically completed? 2 The invoices can be processed The open purchase requisitions are deleted The settlement rule is executed The material list is updated in maintenance notification.
Which intelligent technologies have been enabled by the new codeline of SAP S/4HANA? 3 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Virtual reality (VR) Internet of things (IoT) Machine Learning (ML) Machine translation (MT).
Which processes can be automatically performed when you post an order confirmation for a production ? 3 Good receipt Order settlement Goods issue Current post costs Variance calculation.
What technology elements supercharge the human experience when working with X and O data? 2 Conversational AI Blockchain Design thinking Machine learning predictions.
For what network activity can you plan capacities? Cost activity Internal activity External activity Service activity.
What document, when savedn creates a commitment for an internal order? Sales order Purchase order Production order Maintenance order.
Which of the following is permitted hierarchical structure for management accounting in the SAP S/4HANA entreprise structure A controlling are is assigned to a plant A controlling area is assigned to an operating concern An operating concern is assigned to a controlling area An operating concern is assigned to a company code.
Which of the following ways to create an employee master record uses a sequence of Infotypes to define one employee? Fast entry Multi-screen maintenance Single screen maintenance Personnel actions.
Which maintenance order element includes the fiels values of work center, control key, and salary details? Settlement rule Operation Object list Material list.
What is the name of the role-based, personalized UI client that enables users to access SAP Fiori applications side by side with established UIs? SAP GUI SAP Business Client SAP Fiori Launchpad SAP Design Studio.
What is document splitting used for ? To update multiple ledgers for parallel accounting To summarize controlling line items to produce fewer line items To summarize geneal ledger (G/L) posting in multiple currencies To achieve balance sheet reports by segments.
When is backorder processing considered? When advanced available to promise is unavailable When order quantity is not fully confirmed Whend delivery dates can be met When saving a sales order.
When you post an accounting document, for which line item must you enter transaction type? Material account Supplier account Asset account Customer account.
When creating condition master records, what data properties does the condition type control? 2 Validity period Scales Currency Sales Organisation.
Which of the following apply to SD entreprise structure ? 3 A sales org can only be assigned to one company code A division can be assigned to more than one sales organisation a division can only be assigned to one sales organization a sales org can be assigned to more than one company code A distribution channel can be assigned to many sales org.
In a warehouse, what represents the physical location where goods are stored? Storage location Plant Storage Bin Storage Type.
Which end to end business processes are covered by SAP S/4HANA in the context of the intelligent enterprise? 3 Request to service Buy to maintain Source to contract Record to report Supply to sell.
What does a posting key control? 2 Debit / Credit posting Document currency Field status for all line items Account type.
What is one advantage of using stock transports order instead of stock transfers ? Goods movements occur in one step, only in goods issue The quality inpection is performed by the send ing plant The ownership transfer and carrier delivery costs are delayed until goods reciept The process of goods issue and goods reciept is monitored using the purcahte order (PO) history.
Which step updates cost-based profitability analysis? Post goods issue Post customer's payment Save the billing document Create the outbound delivery.
What happens when you post a goods issue in a delivery document for a sales order? 3 An EWM outbound delivery order is created The billing due list is updated Inventory quantities are updated An invoice is created A material ledger document is created.
Which of the following can be maintained in a maintenance notification? 3 Material planning Tasks Capacity requirements Cause of damage Location or material.
You purchase raw materials with a purchase order against a cost center. During which process step are financial accounting document posted? Approve purchase order Save purchase order Calculate the payment method Post valuated goods receipt.
What MRP control parameter defines the scope of a planning run when the system only takes into account changes that are within the planning horizon, and only plans materials to which MRP-relevant changes have been made? Procurement type Processing key NEUPL Planning mode Processing key NETCH.
What types of procedures may be used to perform a cross-plant stock transfer? 3 Two-step procedure One-step Procedure MRP Stock transport order without delivery Slotting and rearrangement.
What function commits funds to the budget of a WBS element Cost center accounting Settlement processing Availability control Profitability analysis.
What information do you maintain for a general ledger account on company code level? Account group Account name Account currency Account type.
What does a word center control ? 2 Release of production orders Valuation of bill material components Calculation of costs of work performed Availability of capacity.
Which controlling objects can be settled by a settlement rule in SAP S/4HANA ? 3 WBS Element Profit center Sales Order Maintenance Order Production Order.
You are creating a new company code that you want to assign to the group controlling area. Which characteristics must the new company code share with the other company codes already assigned to the controlling area? 2 Fiscal year variant Operating chart of accounts Currency Posting period variant.
What planning tool prioritizes sales order forecasting and strategically plans inventory buffers? Backorder processisng (BOP) Constraint-based planning (PP / DS) Demand-driven MRP (DDMRP) MRP simulation and resolution.
What are some of the characteristics of the SAP Fiori UX design ? 2 Function Based Data Based Adaptive Role based.
What is the purpose of using WBS ? 3 To define reponsabilities To manage equipment to allocate budget To evaluate aggregated data To schedule warehouse tasks.
Which objects can be assigned to a profit center ? 2 Material Purchase order item Sales order item Sales organisation.
What can you record during overall completion confirmation of a maintenance order? Planned time Counter readings Planned capacity Serial numbers.
Which organization units do you crate for Financial Accounting in SAP S/4HANA Finance ? 2 Operating concern Controlling area Company code Segment.
Which object can be assigned to a purchasing organization? 3 Master material Company code Plant Cost center Vendor.
For which object do you plan activity prices? Cost center Internal order Profit center WBS element.
Which backorder processisn (BOP) strategy has first processing priority and is used to release confirmed stock to prioritize other orders to plan future stock needs? Fill Gain I know Redistribute.
To which application areas can cross application time sheet (CATS) data be transferred directly? 3 MM PP SD CS HCM.
Which controlling object is statistical object? Profit center Cost center Profitability segment Internal order.
You have created an asset master record. Which other master data record is created automatically? Equipment Functional location Work center Maintenance bill of material.
What master data in the activity type is used to post an activity allocation? Internal order Statistical key figure Controlling area Secondary cost element.
What data must be linked to a cost center to derive segment accounting? General ledger account Cost center Category Profit center Controlling area.
Why might you create an equipment master record ? 2 To functionally represent the technical system structures in your company To report the usage time of an object to a functional location To collect and evaluate technical data for an object over a long period of time To perform and record maintenance tasks for a certain parts of your technical system for longterm evaluation.
In the entreprise structure, what HR organizational element is assigned directly to a company code? Organizational unit Personal area Employee grouping Position.
How can you post external labor costs to a network activity? By distribution By service entry sheet By activity allocation By confirmation.
Which of the following are selection modes for running MRP? 3 MRP Live Predictive MRP Backorder processing Regenerative MRP CLassical MRP.
Which of the following sequences of the source to pay process steps is correct? Source of supply determination Vendor selection Determination of requirements Purchase order handling Goods receipt Determination of requirements Vendor selection Purchase order handling Goods receipt Invoice verification Vendor selection Source of supply determination Purchase order monitoring Goods receipt Handling of payments Determination of requirements Purchase order handling Handling of payments Goods receipt Invoice verification.
Which SAP Line of business solution can be used to enhance the scopre of SAP S/4HANA Sourcing and procurement? SAP SuccessFactors SAP Customer Experience SAP Ariba SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense.
What activities can an employee complete using employee self service? 3 Enter time sheet Book a training course Enroll in benefits Budget plan Cost plan.
What is a typical sequence of process steps in corrective maintenance? Create task list Create notification Schedule notification Release order Complete order Create task list Create notification Schedule notification Complete order Billing Create notification Release order Execute order Complete order billing Create notification Create order Release order Execute order Complete order.
Which object is created to report on market characteristics, such as customer, product and region? Profit center Sales organization Profitability segment Primary cost element.
What are some of the function of SAP EWM ? 2 Storage-bin-level determination for incoming goods Inventory management at storage location level Putaway with transfer orders Mobile device integration.
A goods issue is posted against a production order. What are the results ? 3 A material ledger document is created A warhouse task is created Actual costs are updated in the production order The material reservation is reduced Internal labor costs are poster.
You want the S/4HANA system to perform product cost planning. What master data is used to calculate the quantity structure? 2 Cost center Work center ROuting Bill of material.
What is the correct sequence of steps in SD process ? Create Sales Order Check availability Plan transportation Post goods issue Create sales order Check availability Process delivery document Post goods issue Check availability Create sales order Process delivery document Billing Check availability Create sales order Billing Post goods issue.
Which SAP Fiori applications types use Hana capabilities directly? 2 Web dynpro Analytical Transactional Fact sheet.
In a make to order process, a raw material needs to be issued from the warehouse to manifacturing line. to which order you post goods issue? Stock transfer order PLanned order Sales order Production order.
When creatin a business partner, what is required to set up business partner usage in different levels of the organization? Business partner function Business partner role Account group Business partner type.
When creating a warehouse number in the SAP entreprise structure, what organisational elements must be assigned ? 2 Company code Plant Storage location Shipping point.
What business partner role connects the supplier with your company code's balance sheet? Supplier FI Vendor General Business partner FI Customer.
What master data records are used in advanced planning ? 2 Product Location Bill of material Production version.
What type of document is generated for an external network activity? Sales order Production order Purchase order Reservation.
What is created when you post a valued goods receipt for consumable materials? Vendor payment Controlling document Delivery note Vendor invoice document.
What is the result of converting a planned order ? 2 A planned independant requirment A production order A purchase requisition A purchase order.
In a project, what is the correct term for a group dependencies, activities, and relationships sequenced in chronological order? Network Milestones Project definition WBS Element.
What is the result of posting a vendor's invoice? The material ledger document is generated Vendor payment is posted The vendor's account is cleared of open items The purchase order history is updated.
Which business process activities create a finiacial accounting (FI) document ? 3 Transfer stock from storage location to storage location Transfer stock to another company code Post goods issue to a production order Execute a depreciation run Create a sales order.
What are the benefits of using a business partner is SAP S/4HANA ? 2 It provides a harmonized architecture Vendors are managed separately from customers It reduces the amount of redundant data General data is unique to each role.
At which steps in the order to cash process are postings made to the ledger (G / L) ? 2 Saving an invoice Creating an outbound delivery Creating a sales order Posting a goods issue.
What tasks are performed for external reporting purposes ? 2 Calculate production variances Create a profit and loss statement Manage receivable accounts Create cost center plan / actual statements.
Which master records are directly assigned to a company code ? 2 Activity type Fixed asset Cost center Material.
What action assigns actual costs to a project? Processing a cost forecast Material withdrawal from stock Saving a purchase order Realeasing a project budget.
Which of the folloing are business partner categories in SAP S/4HANA ? Group Company Person Organization Department.
What must you do in a purchase order to purchase a material for a cost center? Enter an account assignment category Enter a purchase order item category Enter an activity type for the cost center in the purchasing document Change the material type accordingly.
What demand elements are evaluated during a successful MRP run? Purchase requisitions Sales orders Planned orders Scheduled lines.
To what object can you settle an internal order? Material Profit center Fixed asset Statistical key figure.
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